SEE LARK! | Three Looks To Emulate From J. Crew's Style Guide

Fall is the most exciting season for fashion. Magazines are as thick as novels, we see a lot of rich colors and textures layered together, and so many accessories (handbags, gloves, and hats…oh my!).  With so much eye candy, it’s easy to think you have to buy it all.  I had that experience while inhaling the latest J. Crew style guide over lunch a few weeks ago.  The inner voice was saying “We need that” over and over again.  After taking a step back (and breathing into a paper bag), my more practical side came through. With a little inspiration and incorporating only a few new things, old pieces in your wardrobe can become new again.  Here are three J. Crew looks that caught my eye and how to recreate them without breaking the bank.

SEE LARK! | Three Looks To Emulate From J. Crew's Style Guide

This look encompasses all my favorite things – the color gray, leather, and a leopard pattern.  It inspires us to pull out the gray (or black skinnies) that we have from last year and a pair of leopard heels.  We all own something leopard.  With those pieces being re-purposed, buy the laser cut top to give a feminine touch.  This J. Crew leather laster cut top sold out immediately; however, they also have a cotton version available, and on sale!

SEE LARK! | Three Looks To Emulate From J. Crew's Style Guide

I really love this look for its monochromatic effect and the use of a puffer vest over a wool coat.  This is great inspiration to pump new life into your trusty ol’ winter coat and the rest of the outfit is just basics – long sleeve tee, jeans, and sneakers.  All you have to buy is a shiny puffer vest which you can wear layered or alone.  J. Crew has some great colors options available at $138.  If the price is too steep, Victoria’s Secret has a great alternative with a shiny puffer vest (with subtle leopard trim) at $60.  Lastly, achieve the monochromatic part by choosing a more common color like black or gray.

SEE LARK! | Three Looks To Emulate From J. Crew's Style Guide

You can’t go wrong borrowing from the boys and I am attracted to the women’s version of the monk strap shoe.  This look is masculine yet feminine due to the fit of the pants and sweater.  There is finally a different purpose for the black blazer you wear to work!  Dig out your leggings and a simple gray sweater and invest in a new pair of shoes.  The J. Crew monk strap loafers cost $278.  If this is a style you aren’t quite sure you’ll stick with, then Sam Edelman has a look-a-like at $150, a more palatable price tag.


(Images from J. Crew Style Guide via J.

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