SEE LARK! | Eat. Shop. Do.

Happy Friday everyone, I hope you have something exciting planned for the weekend. I have baby shower #2 this Sunday and excited to see friends and smash a pinata (or so I am told that I will be doing).  We all need a good “smash” now and then…right?!

  • EAT. I promise this is the last time I mention Roses Luxury (third time on Eat. Shop. Do. is a charm), but I am obsessed with their homemade brioche. An easy food hack for your next dinner party or just dinner with a loved one is to get a brioche or challah from your favorite bakery, add a side of butter drizzled with honey and sesame seeds, and serve it on a pretty plate.
  • SHOP. Dannjo now has a line of jewelry where nothing is over $200.  Check out their Architectural Minimalism collection.  On a completely different topic, I was stoked when reading Cup of Jo finding a 15% discount off of Hatch’s Fall collection (a few of their pieces showcased here and here).  It’s good through today only mommies!
  • DO. I am sucker for baby pandas, especially with Bao Bao living close by.  Keep your squeals to a minimum when you check out these baby panda triplets who opened their eyes for the first time this week.

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