SEE LARK! | Easy DIY Glitter Booties

I love booties and I love sparkly things…so why not combine the two? I have drooled over ultra glittery shoes in the past and even owned a pair, but have come to find the reality of wearing them posing a couple of problems.  First of all, the glitter sheds.  Like pixie dust, you could re-trace my footsteps and not to mention it can be a b&#ch to clean up.  Secondly, a lot of the styles are super expensive so can sparkly lust really justify the cost?  Fortunately, I found a way to satisfy the craving by creating a subtle glittery boot with this very simple DIY.

SEE LARK! | Easy DIY: Glitter Booties

There are many tutorials out there on creating your own glittered shoe; however, I find that even combining glitter with glue a tedious step.  So I found an all-in-one glitter fabric paint to get the job done more quickly.  All you will need are a pair of (non-expensive) booties, glitter fabric glue, and painter’s or masking tape.  In terms of selecting colors, finding a sparkle that best complements the existing shoe color is the best approach. Since I went with a brown/beige shoe, I chose a gold glitter. If you have a gray shoe, go with silver, with a black shoe go with black, etc.

SEE LARK! | Easy DIY Glitter Booties

Step 1. Tape off the sides, heel, and zipper (if you have a zipper) of the shoes so that they don’t get paint on them.

SEE LARK! | Easy DIY Glitter Booties

Step 2. Now comes time for the fabric paint.  You can apply the paint in two ways.  Mine came with a spray nozzle, therefore, one can spray on a layer of paint onto the shoe and then spread evenly using a paint brush or your fingers. The other method is to poor the paint directly on the shoe and spread.  If you don’t mind getting a little messy, I found the latter to be much more efficient and it also got the paint on more evenly.

SEE LARK! | Easy DIY Glitter Booties

Step 3. Let it dry and then repeat two to three more times to develop a nice subtle sheen.

SEE LARK! | Easy DIY Glitter Bootie

SEE LARK! | Easy DIY Glitter Booties

SEE LARK! | Easy DIY Glitter Booties

The end result is a practical glitter bootie that you can wear to run errands or for a night out. It’s durable and non-shedding so you don’t have to worry about leaving evidence behind!



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    1. You know, I didn’t even think about it…but now that you mention it, I do remember seeing some stunning YSL glitter booties. These of course are as ‘in your face’…haha. Thanks Kat!

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