SEE LARK! The Handbag Bucket List

Why do women love handbags so much? It’s simple, your body size may fluctuate but your handbags always fit!  With a quick switch, a handbag can instantly bring your outfit up a notch.  Over the years, I have debated whether expensive handbags were indeed good investments or a waste of money.  Like a typical consultant, I have concluded that the answer is “it depends”.  I own a couple of designer handbags and with each one, there was careful research and consideration before taking the plunge.  I discovered that after all that hard work and saving, it was a great feeling to finally own it.

SEE LARK! | The Handbag Bucket List

The first piece was a Louis Vuitton EPI Speedy.  I bought it second-hand from eBay.  There was a lot of searching to understand authenticity and how much one would retail before finding and bidding on just the right one.  This was 2008 so information was not as readily accessible as it is today. It was definitely some work to get comfortable with clicking that ‘bid’ button.

SEE LARK! | The Handbag Bucket List

My most recent purchase was a vintage Chanel single flap crossbody on a resale site.  Again, I did a lot of online researching to understand the same points.  Fortunately, there were more resources this time around but still a lot of finding and synthesizing.

SEE LARK! |The Handbag Bucket List

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Now that I have two under my belt, there are a few more that I would like to acquire in the future (as funds and time permits) and have created Handbag Bucket List to keep my search focused. I also discovered a great one-stop information resource on Rue La La’s blog. The Handbags 101 post is comprehensive in explaining different styles, highlights authenticity points for all the major high-end designers, handling and care tips, and even a fun historical timeline on the evolution of handbag styles.  I wish I had this for my first two searches, but it will definitely be my weapon of choice for the next hunt. For all you handbag loving ladies, bookmark this site!

What handbags would make it to your bucket list?

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4 thoughts on “The Handbag Bucket List

  1. I love handbags and shoes and splurging on them is not something I do on the regular. It’s just not realistic for my budget. I do have a few that I’ve collected over the years and I have my eye on a classic Prada Saffiano Tote and I’m searching consignment shops and ebay to find the best deal. I love the bags on your bucket list too, any one of them would suffice. 🙂

    1. Oh the Saffiano is a good choice. I agree it’s not practical to buy a lot or frequently but as a milestone like a major birthday or to celebrate a promotion I think could be a good reason. Second hand is also my preferred option and a great way to save a little dough! 😜

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