Sales don’t seem to have the same meaning anymore. I remember working in a part-time retail job in high school and Black Friday was actually a big deal.  But nowadays, it seems though that sales start earlier and store openings get a little more ridiculous each year. I love a good shopping haul but prefer to stay away from the chaos.  This year for Cyber Monday (which really started on Friday, but let’s not get into that), I have my eye set on bigger items that are hard to come by on discount.  Here are a few of my favorites, there is still some time left to save a little dough as you spend big.

1. Loeffler Randal Pari Classic Pump

2. Norma Kamali Shawl Collar Coat

3. Tory Burch Thea Bucket Bag

4. Elizabeth Cole Barrett Necklace

5. Tibi Gia Flat Boot (last coveted here)

10 thoughts on “It’s Cyber Monday, Time To Splurge

  1. Great round up, love that coat. Congrats again Elaine, take some time to swoon over your little one. You’ll find that time flies and if you blink you’ll miss something.

  2. I reaaaally love that coat, looks like a keeper. In Holland black friday and cyber monday were introduced a couple of years ago. But us Dutchies don’t really seem to get the whole chaos thing. Thank gooood for that ’cause from what I can see on the youtube clips, it looks afwul.

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