SEE LARK! | High Low Winter Whites

I love the warm and fuzzy feeling I get when the holidays come around.  Friends and family come through town for visits and there are sales out the wazoo (is that word?) giving us the opportune time to buy things on our wish list. I am all about winter whites every winter (see my version of a winter white outfit from last season here) and feel that there is a place for this wonderfully neutral color for everyone, including your home.  Here are some pieces that I have my eye on in both a high end and low end version – a tailored shirt dress for her, a cable knit sweater for him, and something furry and fluffy for your house.  Which pieces would you choose?

1. For Her: Thakoon vs. Levi’s

2. For Him: Kenzo vs. J. Crew

3. For Home: Anthropologie vs.

PS: With continuous online sales, prices may be even lower!

11 thoughts on “High Low Winter Whites

  1. Winter whites are my new jam! I never used to be a ‘white’ person, although I think this warmer white is right up my alley. J. Crew has been having copious sales, too, so hopefully this sweater is even lower in price. Hope you’re doing well, Elaine!

    1. Thank you Jess! As you can see from the delayed response, figuring out a newborn causes one to be tardy with other things. Glad to hear you are embracing winter whites! 💋 Elaine

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