SEE LARK! | The No Makeup Makeup Look
Recently, Kerry Washington appeared on the cover of Allure magazine all freshed face. When asked about the photo, she admitted that she did wear some makeup for her no makeup look. I applaud her for being honest (but seriously, I would think there would be some makeup when you are talking about a magazine cover shot). I embrace and welcome a little help to appear au natural and with the recent arrival of my little one, I have been practicing a no makeup makeup look (even in the hospital!). The key is even skin tone and highlighting certain features. Here are my staples for creating a bare, but not really bare, face look.

1. Tinted Moisturizer. Create an even skin tone while moisturizing. I love Laura Mercier’s tinted moisturizer since it also has SPF protection.

2. Cheek Stain. To achieve a slightly flushed and rosy cheek look, I reach for Tarte which can serve double duty as a  lip stain.

3. Cream Eye Shadow. I don’t get much sleep these days so I like to apply a dab of a creamy white eye shadow in the corner of my eyes and on my brow bone to brighten them up. I particularly like Nars Cosmic Girl to get the job done.

4. Mascara. I can’t go anywhere without mascara so naturally it made the list. A swipe of Lancôme’s Hypnose (I love the brush applicator) does the trick.

5. Brow Pencil. Last, but certainly not least, is applying a brow pencil to fill out the eyebrows. I started using a brow pencil a couple of years ago and it kendo subtle yet dramatically changed the face. My favorite is a mahogany colored pencil by Bobbi Brown.

SEE LARK! | The No Makeup Makeup Look

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6 thoughts on “The No-Makeup Makeup Look

  1. You look gorgeous! I normally keep my look very natural and I too use Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturize, love it! I recently started using blush and don’t wear mascara all that often but maybe I should to look like I’m awake in the office! Ha

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