SEE LARK! | 2014 Outfit Round-Up

This is such a cliche, but time really flies when you are having fun. This year has been especially busy with a new role at work to start off the year and a new baby to end it. Through it all, personal style was my drishti in times of stress. While taking a look back at my outfits from this year, I picked out a few of my favorites. I predict these style elements make a repeat appearance in 2015.

SEE LARK! | 2014 Outfit Round-Up

Pop of Yellow.  I normally don’t wear a lot of yellow but I was drawn to the rich gold tone and satin texture of this Zara shoe.

SEE LARK! | 2014 Outfit Round-Up

Statement Dress.  This dress has pattern and is “furry”, two things I never thought I would wear together.  Somehow Thakoon makes the combination look ultra sophisticated so I had to splurge a little and invest in this pretty number.  It’s super warm too, perfect for winter.

SEE LARK! | 2014 Outfit Round-Up

Sequins. Sequins make me happy.  I try to incorporate it into everyday where when I can.  We should sparkle everyday and not just on special occasions.

SEE LARK! | 2014 Outfit Round-Up

Open Back.  Tibi is one of my favorite designers and I have fallen in love with this dress back in 2012 (but in a different color combination).  I loved the length and the open back, making it the ultimate feminine dress.  When it came back this season in black and white, I knew it had to be mine.

SEE LARK! | 2014 Outfit Round-Up

Leather.  Leather is my all-time favorite fabric, embellishment, you name it. I can’t have enough leather (faux or real) in my closet.  I especially loved this look because it resurrected a Forever 21 dress I had never worn and it was stretchy enough to fit over my six-month baby bump.

SEE LARK! | 2014 Outfit Round-Up

Jersey Dresses. I became fond of anything made of jersey as I headed into my third trimester.  This Tarte infinity dress became a staple since it had the stretch to grow along with me and still be totally wearable post-pregnancy. I also added brands like Monrow and Joie into my closet since they also make great jersey dresses.

SEE LARK! | 2014 Outfit Round-Up

Lace.  The ying to leather’s yang, I became obsessed with lace this past year.  I paired with masculine things to create an edgier look.  There is just something about lace that looks expensive regardless of the price tag.

SEE LARK! | 2014 Outfit Round-Up

Navy.  It once was a color I shied away from but now I embrace it. For me, navy is the new black and will become a neutral along with said black, grays, and whites.

Hope you all have a wonderful New Year!  Here’s to another year of fun and style! xo


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11 thoughts on “2014 Outfit Round-Up

  1. Happy new year Elaine! Wishing all the best for you, your hubby and your little boy. And I have to say, your looks are amazing. But that open back dress stole my heart!

  2. Open back is probably my favourite and you look stunning! Hope 2015 is a prosperous one for you, your family and your blog!
    Have a great start to the week gem!
    Much love, Karen

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