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I am now seven weeks into motherhood and every week is a new challenge.  Just when I think I have the hang of things and understand my little one, he throws me a curve ball.  All the while, you are still healing, creating a major sleep deficit, and trying to shed that baby weight.  I will admit, there are days where I am completely exhausted and my outlook is not so optimistic.  However, when he coos and smiles at me, all my troubles are forgotten!  To get me through the tough times, I have created my top five must-haves for post-pregnancy.  This list has nothing to do with baby and everything to do with mommy.  These five things help keep me sane, informed, and somewhat stylish while on maternity leave.

1. Blue Apron. Hubby and I are always faced with the daunting question of “What’s for dinner?”  On top of that, we are trying to find things that are healthy and delicious and finding recipes to add to our repertoire.  Thank goodness for Blue Apron as it takes all the guess work out of it.  They send you up to three meals a week with all the ingredients plus instructions.  You can customize the menu based on your diet (e.g., vegetarian, no pork) and I can attest that it comes out exactly as it is described.  It does take some prep work but totally worth it.

2. Family Blogs. I still love to read my fashion blogs but have really grown an appreciation for lifestyle blogs with a more family oriented focus.  Say Yes is my absolute favorite in this category.  Additionally they added new features like Secrets of a Stylish Mom and Baby Wearing Adventures that I can relate to.  Another great resource that was recommended by a friend is a more product-oriented site called Cricket’s Circle.  They help pare down options based on your preferences.

3. Lipstick.  There are days where I am lucky to get fully showered and dressed in one uninterrupted stretch. A bold red lip can really brighten up your face (and sunglasses can hide tired eyes).  Just don’t kiss the baby with all that lipstick on!

4. Slouchy Jeans. Slouchy skinny and boyfriend jeans are a post-pregnant gal’s best friend. I live in my Current Elliott pair. A distressed pair is ideal since it gives your style a little edge.

5. Smart Phone. God bless moms prior to smart phones.  I don’t know how you managed life and pass the time while nursing or when you were up in the middle of the night.  I use my iPhone to take pictures, track all of baby’s activities (e.g., nursing, diapers), read and comment on blogs, listen to podcasts (yes I jumped on the Serial bandwagon) and read magazines.

For mothers out there, I would love to know what is on your must-have list and whether you have any postpartum advice.  Please share!

2 thoughts on “Post Pregnancy Essentials

  1. The one thing that may be feel more like myself with all 3 of my kids was getting out of the house every day, even when I didn’t feel like it. It meant I had to get dressed and look semi decent lol! I wish we had Blue Apron here in SA, that would totally help me out even now! Great post!

    D x

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