SEE LARK! | Solved: Modern Nursery Decor Challenges

I finally finished A’s nursery (albeit several weeks after he was born). We used our back guest room that served as my hubby’s office.  Now he has to learn to share…ha!   I had some anxiety about decorating this space since baby furniture and decor can be a little cheesy.  So what is a modern design loving gal to do?  Here are highlights of the design challenges encountered and the solutions discovered.

SEE LARK! | Solved: Modern Nursery Decor Challenges

SEE LARK! | Solved: Modern Nursery Decor Challenges

Problem: The room is pretty spacious but the walls are a little awkward.  Each side has an opening, either to the bathroom, closet, or into the hallway plus the one wall without doors serves room as the office space with desk and wall to wall shelves.  Therefore, it is difficult to place furniture up against the walls since it would make everything look crowded and clunky.

Solution: Maximize square footage with a floating crib. I wanted a clean and crisp look for the crib and the Stokke Sleepi Crib is the perfect answer to my problem.  The oval shape allows it look good from any angle and its wheels makes it easy to move around on the floor space

SEE LARK! | Solved: Modern Nursery Decor Challenges

SEE LARK! | Solved: Modern Nursery Decor Challenges

SEE LARK! | Solved: Modern Nursery Decor Challenges

Problem: I needed a diaper changing station but since I splurged on the crib, I didn’t want to buy a dresser specifically designed for changing baby.  Additionally, the caddies and accessories for diapering also lean a little too cutesy and bulky for my taste.

Solution: I repurposed the Ikea dresser that was already in the room as the baby’s dresser and diapering area. For diapering accessories, I found that the minimalist design of Boon were a perfect match for my aesthetic.  Some think baby needs a lot of padding for the changing table but A loves lying there to be changed (the attachment that lets you hang a toy helps tremendously).  I just added a burp cloth underneath for a little cushion.  May I add that it also makes clean up a breeze?  Trust me, you will have accidents!  Boon makes a matching diaper caddy that has a cool design and allows you to store wipes in a chic container and compartments for diaper creams and hand sanitizer.

SEE LARK! | Solved: Modern Nursery Decor Challenges

Problem: When we first moved into our house we realized that the bedroom door wasn’t a standard door size.  It is narrower making it difficult to fit through furniture.  We had to say goodbye to a fold-out love seat as a result of this door. Now we needed a glider or a rocker for all that nursing and rocking baby to sleep.  I have seen beautifully designed nursery with an Eames rocking chair or an Ikea Pong chair and let me advise you…you wan’t something WAY more comfortable than that if you actually want to use it.  So comfy, something that could fit through the doorway, and a design we loved was the criteria.

Solution: Room and Board’s Ellery Glider was the perfect chair for the space.  It’s narrow with a tall back and high arm rests with a sleek mid-century modern look.  There are many color options and I picked a dark gray fabric that is easy to clean up spills and spots.

SEE LARK! | Solved: Modern Nursery Decor Challenges

Other Details: Bilingual Alphabet Blocks / Duckling Art / West Elm and Ikea Rugs / Target Foot Stool (sold out, other options discussed here) / H&M Throw Pillow (sold out) / Monster Mobile / Name Train

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