SEE LARK! | Eye On Etsy

Dainty, barely there jewelry is something that never goes out of style. There are a lot of options out there and Etsy is a great resource to find affordable (and lavish) ones. Here is a round-up of some dainty gold jewelry that has caught my eye.

1. Antler Ring ($28)

2. Siren Ring ($40)

3. 14K Gold Bar Necklace ($320)

4. Mid Knuckle Rings ($44)

5. Ear Cuff ($58)

6. Diamond Knuckle Ring ($260)

7. Open Thin Gold Ring ($49)

8. Personalized Gold Bar Necklace ($128)

9. Gold Stacking Rings ($44)

6 thoughts on “Eye On Etsy

  1. I have a board on Pinterest for the same thing, beautiful delicate jewelry from Etsy! I love every piece you have chosen here especially 1,3 7 & 8! x

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