It seems like every year when winter comes along, I can’t stop complaining about the weather. Mentally, I don’t associate March with sleet and freezing rain…ugh.  Needless to say it has left me a little less than enthused to get dressed.  My post on How to Wear Color was a good mental pick-me-up and I am pleased to learn that it has also made IFB’s weekly roundup.  In addition to my tips on wearing color, these top 20 posts of the week also adds inspiration.  I particularly like Inexpensive Chic’s How to Dress Stylishly in the Extreme Cold and Ginger Side of Life’s How to Get That Perfect Bun.  Happy Reading!



Style Conscious

Believe it or not, the fashion industry is the second most dangerous industry to the planet. Between the (leather) tanning, gold mining and dye industries, fashion may look great on you, but not so much on “Mother Earth.” This week we have links to bloggers who are looking into what it means to be a kinder consumer of fashion. And of course, we’re all still gossiping about that Oscar’s red carpet too.

Links à la Mode: February 26th

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4 thoughts on “Links à la Mode: The IFB Weekly Roundup

  1. Nice, I need a pick me up myself. Seriously this weather makes me want to scream! My birthday is coming up and I’m hoping its not a snowy day. I just want to stop wearing tights. Wah!

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