SEE LARK! | Ten Things Accomplished While On Maternity Leave

This expression about sums up my feelings about leaving my little one next week when I return to work. I am looking forward to having adult conversations, drinking a cup of coffee without interruption, and wearing something other than jeans; however, my heart aches to not see this face until the end of the day. As I look back at my first four months as a mother, I see an increasing level of confidence in me to care for him while giving him independence to learn new things. For the not-so-serious side of becoming a new parent, here are ten things I proudly accomplished while on leave.

1. Used my non-dominant hand to feed myself

2. Watched all six seasons of The Sopranos

3. Became a firm believer in gel manicures

4. Mastered the Boba, K’tan, and Ergo 360 baby carriers

5. Traveled (and survived) two airports and a round trip flight with a baby

6. Finally changed to my married name (Hitch Switch was a huge help)

7. Know where to find all the elevators and mother’s rooms at my local shopping malls

8. Embraced the athleisure trend, I particularly love these BR sweatpants and this Athleta sweatshirt

9. Chopped off several inches of hair and sporting a new ‘do to avoid getting clumps of hair grabbed by baby

10. Laughed at the mistakes I made along the way as I learn to become a parent (and will continue to do so)

2 thoughts on “Ten Things Accomplished During Maternity Leave

  1. Those baby carriers are NOT an easy thing to master either! Love this and each day it gets a bit easier to leave I promise, the coffee part – that you will appreciate even more than you think you may haha

    xx Cara

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