I love high heels and practically lived in them until recently. Let’s face it, city living plus bumpy sidewalks equals aching feet. Factor in a new baby and I have come to terms that flats, specifically sneakers, are probably a good idea. I had always felt that sneakers were too sporty to wear outside of the gym until I figured out a few tricks for making them look more polished.  Here are some key pieces that can up the style notch to your kicks.


Maxi Dresses. It may seem like an odd combination but a flowy dress can be a great counter balance. The length lets your Nikes peek through for just the right effect.

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Skinny Jeans. Jeans and sneakers can look clunky if you choose the wrong silhouette. Skinnies that skim your ankles are the best length.


Leather. Leather is always a great idea and goes with anything.  Try a leather skirt in a matching color to get that monochrome look.

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Jersey Dress. A loose fitting shift dress made of jersey is comfortable, simple, and everyone owns one. Try it with high tops to give your casual look a lift.

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2 thoughts on “How To Style Kicks

  1. I lived in heels back in my NY days but oh how things have changed. I’m in sneakers most weekends and my commute to work includes some sort of sneaker, ballet flat or loafer.

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