SEE LARK! | Eat. Shop. Do.

OH thank goodness it’s Friday! We have some friends in town and a group of us are going out to dinner tonight.  Is it sad that we have been texting about it and looking forward to going out sans kiddos?  To top it off, it’s going to be sunny and warm, perfect for a picnic. Hope you have a great weekend!

  • EAT. In addition to dining out, I plan to check out Maketto. It’s a retail/cafe/restaurant concept and the space is absolutely beautiful. The restaurant part showcases Cambodian and Taiwanese foods.  I am dying to try their scallion pancakes!
  • DO. I heard a really interesting story on BBC radio about Wham! and when they performed in China back in 1985.  Their manager had visited China multiple times to make it happen and it wasn’t even really for China but to create enough publicity to get noticed in the US.  To create buzz with their audience before the concert, they had a well known Chinese pop star cover their songs. It’s a great read, check it out here. (And now I have “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go”playing on repeat in my head)

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