I have developed a guilty pleasure. Correction. I am addicted to eating delicious, buttery, flaky, chocolate croissants. There are two great places near my house which makes it so easy to walk by (the exercise) to get one (the reward) with your morning coffee that gives its country of origin a run for their money.



My regular go-to favorite is this playing card-sized version from Batter Bowl Bakery.  Even though this is more of a breakfast item, it’s perfect with a cup of tea or as an afternoon treat. The layers are light and the chocolate is plentiful.  I *may* be guilty of eating more than one in one sitting!



A new favorite that has found its way into my heart is Frenchie’s. In contrast to BBB, Frenchie’s croissants are bigger and lighter layers.  There is more bread than chocolate but the filling is a little richer making the taste proportional and oh-so yummy.


What’s your chocolate of choice?

8 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Croissants

  1. I love chocolate and chocolate croissants are so delish!! This makes me want to go get one right now!! I’ve had my lunch and craving something sweet! 🙂 It’s all your fault Elaine. lol

    1. LOL! I will take the blame. Small confession…this past Sunday I had the large croissant for breakfast…forgot about it and was going to get the other ones for afternoon dessert. Shameless?!

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