Hey everybody! I am very sorry to have gone MIA the past month and half. Things have gotten real busy as work has ramped up along with regular mommy duties. With all of that going on, it’s been hard to find time, let alone inspiration, for a blog post. Luckily, I had some down time over Labor Day to give me some renewed energy. That energy went towards babyproofing now that A is fully mobile and “ranging” all around (a term hubby has used to describe his scooting and crawling to and fro).

How does one know what needs babyproofing? It’s actually pretty easy to figure out. Step one, find a squirmy infant or toddler. Step two, set them loose and see what they touch or get near…it’s guaranteed to be a safety hazard.  After a couple of weeks of following A everywhere he went and covering corners with my hand, I knew I wanted A to have freedom so that he could explore and learn, but not have carte blanche on the entire house. Considering our first floor is open concept and where we spend the most time, I chose this area as his safe space and made a few key modifications while maintaining its style.

Our living room was already off to a great start since we had a large sectional couch in a fabric that could be easily spot cleaned, but I noticed that we had a lot of tabletop items, a coffee table and bench with sharp corners. My strategy for this area was to first declutter. I packed up my breakables and moved our coffee table books to other parts of the house (allowing a few to stay for show). I bought two large poufs to replace our coffee table and placed leather coasters, a throw blanket, our latest magazines, and paper flowers on top. The goal was to decorate with things A could grab and for us not to worry about it getting ruined. The round ottoman was something we already owned so that was a bonus…you can’t have enough of them…they hit the trifecta of practicality, functionality, and style.

Speaking of practicality, round shapes are your friend. We have a circle end table with no sharp angles, making it fairly safe in the presence of an active baby. I continue the round theme with an oval shaped bin to hide under the bench for all of his toys. Target has a great selection of bins and baskets in their Nate Berkus, Threshold, and Smith & Hawken lines. You can’t go wrong with any of them.

Lastly, I tackled the bench. We really loved this piece and didn’t want to see it go. So I decide to use foam liners (gasp). I found cushion corners on Amazon that had a few color options. I choose a set in a color close to the bench. The color match and covering only the critical areas made a difference in aesthetics.

Things will continue to change as A gets older.  For instance, I can see us going from some coffee table books to zero, but this layout works for now.  We also did the obvious things like putting plug protectors in our wall outlets (that prove to even keep adults from using them).  For now, I have one room down and two more to go.  My next project will be to address the dining room and kitchen areas.  Wish me luck!

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