I have never been a product junkie, although is it weird that I secretly aspire to be one? I get enticed with every cream and serum marketed, but get so overwhelmed by all the choices out there that I usually stick to what I know. Fortunately, if what you know is effective then there is no need to throw your money at more stuff. Ever since I had A, my skin has taken me on a hormonal ride and had to rethink my skincare. Through some trial and error, I found three products that returned my skin to smooth and clear territory.
I love Murad’s product line and I use their time release acne cleanser religiously. It helps prevent blemishes and I find it to be gentle enough for daily use.


I am not a facial person (who has the time?) but stumbled upon Ren’s one-minute facial as a sample and I am hooked! There is a noticeable difference after my first use, very smooth skin, and doesn’t require a lot of time.


No skin regimen is complete without a moisturizer and I use bareMineral’s smart combination emulsion. I love the smell and lightweight feeling.
PS – My pre-baby skincare routine and bareMineral lovefest

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