Neon Trays

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[BINO Tray via Home Goods]

If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, then trays are an organized person’s trusty sidekick.  Trays are a great way to add a little design to your home while putting order to items that would otherwise seem scattered and in disarray. I love using trays to organize sunglasses, perfume and lotion bottles, and hide loose ends. Lately, neon trays have been making a splash in home decor and I can understand its allure. Continue reading “Neon Trays”

Five Minute Gift Wrap

SEE LARK! | Five Minute Gift Wrap

I really enjoy the process of buying and packaging up a gift for a friend or loved one. To me, it’s like portable home décor, each one has a certain look and style perfect for the intended person. Over the years, I have learned that it doesn’t have to take a lot of effort to make a great looking gift. All you need is to keep a few simple materials on hand to make an already thoughtful present into a “wow-ful” present in five minutes flat. Continue reading “Five Minute Gift Wrap”

Charleston Part Deux


My first trip to Charleston, South Carolina was for a friend’s wedding.  The visit was sweet but definitely too short.  Therefore, I was excited to return spending the weekend exploring the city.  This southern town is beautiful and rich in history, but did you know that it has also been consistently voted one of the top cities in the US and even one of the top destinations globally? Well, I can see why.  The city offers a wide variety of sights, activities, and delicious eats…here’s are a few highlights. Continue reading “Charleston Part Deux”

The Most Clever Kitchen Utensils


I am not a huge pizza fan but a recent trip to DC’s Menomale has made me a convert (at least for an authentic Neopolitan pizza). With a delicious meal comes a delicious surprise. Our pizzas came with our very own pizza cutter in the shape of scissors, a Scizza to be exact. I love the ergonomic design of the handles and the flat bottom spatula. Hallelujah! A way to cleanly cut a slice of pizza! I learned that the Scizza is made by an Australian company called Dreamfarm. Dreamfarm’s story begins by stating “‘We solve problems” and developing products based on its ability to answer one question – “Will this product solve a real problem that hasn’t been solved Continue reading “The Most Clever Kitchen Utensils”

Wanted: Grown-Up Dining Table

DiningRoom_0028D[Image via Dust Jacket]

Dear Ikea Bjursta Table, After all these years, it’s time to say good-bye. We had good times moving from apartment to apartment. Remember that time we squeezed you into that tiny one-bedroom condo and could sorta fit four people at once for dinner?  Or how nothing would stain or mark your unnaturally resilient finish?   Continue reading “Wanted: Grown-Up Dining Table”

High Low Onyx Flatware


Even though I am fully stocked with “traditional” silver flatware, I can’t stop thinking about all the sleek black and onyx dinnerware that I have been spotting lately.  With all white plates and dishes, onyx flatware can be a quick way to modernize your tabletop. Continue reading “High Low Onyx Flatware”

Easy DIY: Make Your Own Pattern


I have decided that I am grown-up enough to own and use cloth napkins.  With this in mind and inspired by linens with neon piping spotted at ABC Home (which were priced at $35 per napkin…PER napkin), I went on an endless search for hot pink patterned table linens.  Unfortunately, the only patterns I discovered were all a little too “themey”, lots of Christmas trees and turkey prints…add a cat sweater and you’ve hit the trifecta.

Continue reading “Easy DIY: Make Your Own Pattern”

A Table Setting For The Non-Stuffy

For the past two years, my husband and I have hosted Thanksgiving dinner.  He roasts the bird, and I serve as sous chef and resident table setter.  Given it was a small gathering, I wanted the dining experience to be warm, friendly, and special and dressed the table accordingly.  With the holiday season in full swing, perhaps you too will host one of many upcoming parties or dinners.  If so, set the mood for the evening with a beautiful yet non-stuffy tabletop.   The key is balance, for every formal touch, offset it with a whimsical and casual element.  Here are a few ideas for your next hosting escapade. Continue reading “A Table Setting For The Non-Stuffy”

Five Days of Gifting


She’s the hostess with the mostess.  Everything from the home cooked gourmet meal to the table setting is perfection, paying attention to all the details.   Continue reading “Five Days of Gifting”

Modern Menorah


This Thursday marks Thanksgiving and the first night of Hannukah.  For American Jews, it’s double the celebration or Thanksgivukkah as some have started to call it.  The holiday celebrates the Jewish people’s reclaiming and re-dedication of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem from the Greeks back in 2nd century BCE.   Continue reading “Modern Menorah”