Wanted: A New Look

SEE LARK! | Wanted: A New Look

Apologies for going MIA last week.  We took the little one for a mini-vacay (which turned out to be more work than vacation) and then I caught a cold…boo!  Anyways, this is my last week of maternity leave and I am quickly realizing I need to say goodbye to the top knot I have been sporting for the past four months (wow how time flies) and re-assemble my work wardrobe. I have been thinking about changing up my hair and yes, it may have been influenced by my binge-watching of House of Cards.  I want to be bold enough to go for an edgy pixie cut like Robin Wright.  The key word is ‘want’ not sure if I have the guts to pull the trigger, or the scissors in this situation. Have you ever sported a pixie? If so, any words of advice? Continue reading “Wanted: A New Look”

Wanted: Simple Statement Style

SEE LARK! | Wanted: Simple Statement Style

Perhaps it’s the change in weather or my recent obsession with all things black, gray, and white; either way these factors have drawn me towards a more simple style.  Simple doesn’t mean boring, we have established this already, but what I am loving about these inspiration photos is how effortless it looks while making a statement.  Like a well baked cake, here are the key ingredients to making a huge impact with seemingly simple pieces. Continue reading “Wanted: Simple Statement Style”

Wanted: Hip Kid Style

SEE LARK! | Hip Kid Style

Hubby and I actually found out the gender of our baby early on in the pregnancy (as a byproduct of modern-day testing) and I am excited to share with you that it’s a boy!  Honestly, I would have been happy with any gender, the saying “as long as they are healthy” never ringed so true. So as the weeks progress, I have been more focused on preparation and my online skillz has led me to the wonderful realm of kids fashion and styling.  Correction. Hip kids fashion and styling.  Let’s face it, having a baby shouldn’t be all seriousness and putting all your unfulfilled dreams onto your unborn child.  You have to have some fun and these little tots are not only adorably stylish, they make me laugh.  Here are some of my favorite inspo pics, especially the last one!   Continue reading “Wanted: Hip Kid Style”

The Filtered Life

SEE LARK! | The Filtered Life

Summer is here…I repeat, summer is here! Even though work is still really hectic, prolonged daylight and warm weather makes it hard to be grumpy and sulky.  Here’s a summary of what has me excited as told through Instagram. Continue reading “The Filtered Life”

Wanted: An Awesome Faux Hawk

SEE LARK! | Wanted: An Awesome Faux Hawk

[Image via Bella Mumma]

There is something about a mohawk that I absolutely love. Given that I am not gutsy enough to shave the side of my head, I am thankful for its sibling, the faux hawk. While in search of the perfect style to try out, I found myself wondering…are these women cool and  kick a$# due to their innate personality or does the faux hawk they’re sporting provide extra super powers? Continue reading “Wanted: An Awesome Faux Hawk”

Wanted: To Party All The Time


Dear College Me, Parties had a different meeting back then. A keg and a frat house were the ingredients for a successful party (or disaster from a parent’s perspective). The go-to party outfit consisted of a tube tops, jeans, over plucked eyebrows, and vampy lips.  All I can say to that is “Style Fail”. Continue reading “Wanted: To Party All The Time”

Wanted: Wedding Gowns


[Image via Ritz Carlton]

Dear 2011 Me, I am quite impressed with your ability to find *the* wedding dress within six weeks of getting engaged even though it took six months to find a venue.   You weren’t familiar with Rivini, but upon your first meeting, it’s like you two were a match made in heaven. After all, she introduced you to the world of statement necklaces, that’s a huge. Continue reading “Wanted: Wedding Gowns”

Wanted: Grown-Up Dining Table

DiningRoom_0028D[Image via Dust Jacket]

Dear Ikea Bjursta Table, After all these years, it’s time to say good-bye. We had good times moving from apartment to apartment. Remember that time we squeezed you into that tiny one-bedroom condo and could sorta fit four people at once for dinner?  Or how nothing would stain or mark your unnaturally resilient finish?   Continue reading “Wanted: Grown-Up Dining Table”

The Filtered Life


I can’t believe we are nearing the end of 2013.  It really did seem like yesterday that the new year had started.  December is still young and I plan to cherish it as much as I can before it’s gone.  So far, I’m off to a good start filling it full of food, key accessory purchases, and holiday booze cheer. Continue reading “The Filtered Life”

Five Days of Gifting


Girlfriends are the best.  They are there to celebrate your highs and to support you through your lows.  They do all of these things while wearing plenty of gold accessories, sparkly necklaces, and a pair of fabulous heels.  In this last installment of Five Days of Gifting, we want to show our gratitude for all those Stylish Gal Pals in our lives.   Continue reading “Five Days of Gifting”