Hello Again (And Interesting Links)

Hello again. To say I haven’t posted in awhile is an understatement. Life has gotten crazy with two kids and a job and I could easily just shut this blog down. However, I decided to keep it up for now, posting when I have something worthwhile to share, if anything for my own amusement. Hopefully, it will be of some entertainment to you as well!

I found this in my draft folder, circa 2015, but the links are still interesting and worth a share. 

Happy New Year! xo

Let’s Talk Croissants


I have developed a guilty pleasure. Correction. I am addicted to eating delicious, buttery, flaky, chocolate croissants. There are two great places near my house which makes it so easy to walk by (the exercise) to get one (the reward) with your morning coffee that gives its country of origin a run for their money. Continue reading “Let’s Talk Croissants”

The Benefits of Shopper’s Block

SEE LARK! | The Benefits of Shopper's Block I made an interesting observation last week.  While perusing Shop Bop during their Friends and Family event, I couldn’t find one thing that I wanted to buy.  Not. One. Thing. (Don’t you love how writing one word with a period is a thing now?)  The sales are compelling but I can’t seem to justify the spend.  Thoughts like “I already own a black jersey dress” or “I have red pumps, do I really need a second pair?” kept popping into my head.  Then I made another realization, I hadn’t bought any new clothes for myself in over a month.  Could I have possibly already owned “everything”? I was a little sad since I consider online shopping a sport. However, other than saving money, there are major benefits to a bout of Shopper’s Block.  Here’s five of them. Continue reading “The Benefits of Shopper’s Block”

Ten Things Accomplished During Maternity Leave

SEE LARK! | Ten Things Accomplished While On Maternity Leave

This expression about sums up my feelings about leaving my little one next week when I return to work. I am looking forward to having adult conversations, drinking a cup of coffee without interruption, and wearing something other than jeans; however, my heart aches to not see this face until the end of the day. As I look back at my first four months as a mother, I see an increasing level of confidence in me to care for him while giving him independence to learn new things. For the not-so-serious side of becoming a new parent, here are ten things I proudly accomplished while on leave. Continue reading “Ten Things Accomplished During Maternity Leave”

I’m A Sucker For Commercials

SEE LARK! | I'm A Sucker For Commercials

Like the title of this post indicates, I am a complete sucker for commercials. In a time where we have DVR, one can easily fast forward through those pesky ads.  However, there are two that somehow caught my eye that is now on constant repeat in my head. Continue reading “I’m A Sucker For Commercials”

Inspiration vs. Imitation

SEE LARK! | Inspiration vs. Imitation

While trolling on Pinterest to see the latest eye candy, I stumbled upon what I thought to be a Zoe Karssen sweatshirt.  When I clicked on the link, I realized it was actually a copy of the original sold at a really cheap price.  I immediately thought “This is a copy…BAD”, hoped I didn’t accidentally download a computer virus, and moved on.  Months later, I saw more pieces from the same website and wondered “Have I judged it too quickly?”  It’s not claiming to be the actual high-end brand, but it does appear to be a copycat.  To add to it, why is this website getting my criticism when I don’t think twice shopping at an H&M, Zara, or Forever 21?  Fascinated with the business behind fashion, it got me asking the age old question… Continue reading “Inspiration vs. Imitation”

Pretty Things


[Vintage Bag and Set of Deborah Lippmann Nail Polishes]

While giving my bedroom an overhaul in cleaning and organization, I found things that I hadn’t used in awhile and finding them mixing well with newly acquired items. Continue reading “Pretty Things”

Better Together


[New handbag paired with my favorite animal print shoes]

Some items, like a great handbag or decorative object, can be great on its own, but when paired with a complementary piece, it can be fabulous.  I found this to be true when I discovered some of my favorite things strewn about the house and sitting next to some of my other favorite things (naturally).  Continue reading “Better Together”

Hump Day Humor


Hello everyone!  It’s 12/12/12 and to celebrate, I thought I would share a little hump day humor.  I found these greeting cards from my favorite stationary store, Paper Source.   Continue reading “Hump Day Humor”