Target! Be Still My Heart


I, like everyone else, am a huge fan of Target.  When I think they couldn’t outdo themselves anymore, they prove me wrong.  There are two recent collaborations that have caught my eye and making me hyperventilate.

Modern by Dwell Magazine.  For the modern design lover, this is a collaboration with Dwell Magazine bringing streamlined furniture, accessories, and tableware to your home.  I am eyeing the solar powered outdoor lights and this ice bucket but also exercising great restraint to not buy all the home decor items (since we actually don’t NEED anything and childcare is the price of in-state college tuition). So won’t you shop for me?


Nate Berkus for Baby.  This makes me want to have another baby (okay, not really)!  Nate Berkus is not new to Target but his line of neutral colored nursery decor and clothing gives me a whole new perspective on him. This budget friendly line can make one stylish bubba or bubbette.  I have already styled B’s room but I think this plush llama would fit in nicely with the decor.

If that isn’t enough to get you into the stores, their Threshold line keeps coming out with fresh new pieces (case in point this rug) with enough variety for everyone to do a Spring spruce-up.

Did I mention that I love Target?!

(images via Target)

Add Down Jackets


Every year, I find dressing myself in winter to be a challenge.  I find the goals of keeping warm and looking professional impossible to achieve at the same time.  While on my revived kick to find a stylish puffer coat, I stumbled upon an Italian brand called AddContinue reading “Add Down Jackets”

Birthday Wishlist


January is typically not anyone’s favorite month. Everyone is coming off the holiday highs and Spring is still in the distant future. January birthday babies are probably the only exception to this feeling. Every year, I remind myself that my birthday follows shortly after New Year’s and the fun doesn’t end. When family members ask what I would like for my birthday, I never know the answer. My wants range from “of the moment” needs to things that are super expensive (a girl can dream). Nowadays, I think more carefully since a gift needs some practicality or it will be left unused. So I curated a small set of favorites that meet both function and luxury. Continue reading “Birthday Wishlist”

My Current Obsessions

SEE LARK! | Current Obsessions

Life has certainly become busier these past few months.  Between work and taking care of baby, it can be a challenge to find time for myself.  Thankfully, I have discovered, and become reliant upon, a few essential products that help me keep it all together…and they are all under $50! Continue reading “My Current Obsessions”

Product Love: C. O. Bigelow Hand Wash

SEE LARK! | Product Love: C.O. Bigelow Hand Wash
My love for Rose’s Luxury led me to another product love. While using their washroom, I discovered the most delicious hand soap and immediately had to get some for my guest bathroom. I know, who would get excited about hand soap? Continue reading “Product Love: C. O. Bigelow Hand Wash”

Baby Brands I Love

SEE LARK! | Baby Brands I Love Lately, I have been channeling my shopping skillz towards things for Baby A.  It’s been fun searching for things that are a little less traditional. Over the past few months, I have developed quite a loyalty to a few brands that emulate my love for all things modern, edgy, and/or quirky. If you are expecting or searching for that perfect gift for someone who has little ones, here’s a few items to consider. Continue reading “Baby Brands I Love”

High Low Tunic

SEE LARK! | High Low Tunic

Summer is just around the corner and that means swimsuit season.  A swimsuit wouldn’t be complete without a cute cover-up.  A tunic is a great option and I have always lusted over the style and color choices that Lemlem has to offer.  However, I don’t love the price, especially something that is going to face water and sand.  That’s why I am all for the Old Navy tunic.  It has the same shape and feel for only $18.  Surf’s up!

The Benefits of Shopper’s Block

SEE LARK! | The Benefits of Shopper's Block I made an interesting observation last week.  While perusing Shop Bop during their Friends and Family event, I couldn’t find one thing that I wanted to buy.  Not. One. Thing. (Don’t you love how writing one word with a period is a thing now?)  The sales are compelling but I can’t seem to justify the spend.  Thoughts like “I already own a black jersey dress” or “I have red pumps, do I really need a second pair?” kept popping into my head.  Then I made another realization, I hadn’t bought any new clothes for myself in over a month.  Could I have possibly already owned “everything”? I was a little sad since I consider online shopping a sport. However, other than saving money, there are major benefits to a bout of Shopper’s Block.  Here’s five of them. Continue reading “The Benefits of Shopper’s Block”

High Low Sun Shade

SEE LARK! | High Low Sun Shade

With the change in weather (although Mother Nature was not kind to us this weekend) comes spending time outdoors. We have a third floor patio that has been neglected in the past and I would like to use the space more often this year. The house has a modern aesthetic with very little shade from the sun. I have been in love with this Design Within Reach mid-century sunshade for years but could not justify the $1500+ price tag. I was therefore elated to see CB2 offer a very similar design for $349. This is a no-brainer decision!

Eye On Etsy

SEE LARK! | Eye On Etsy

This edition of Eye on Etsy is a bit all over the map – in a good way.  I have my eye on pants for A to a cool moto jacket art print.  While we are at it, lets talk about this “vintage text message” note card.  Totally adorable!  What catches your eye? Continue reading “Eye On Etsy”