Pepping Up My Most Worn Pieces

I often get lost in Instagram wormholes ogling fashionistas’ pretty dresses and statement pieces. However, the practical side of me wonders where on Earth are these people going or doing that justify elaborate outfits? Or, are they REALLY wearing that strappy high heel on a cobbled street?! In the era of social media, it’s easy to feel “less” when you see such pretty images.  I certainly do especially since I am on maternity leave and don’t have any upcoming occasions that requires a fancy garb.

For the past three months, I have been living in three main pieces, my Zella high waisted leggings, Vince slip on sneakers, and Karen Walker sunnies. They are practical and comfortable, but they don’t make me feel stylish. That’s why I bought this powder blue coat on major sale from J. Crew to get me out of my rut. It’s amazing what a tailored coat in a bright color will do for your look and your mood! It’s still the same reliable staples underneath but with a little more pep to their step!

J. Crew Coat / Clare V. Top / Zella Leggings / Vince Shoes / Lululemon Bag / Karen Walker Sunglasses / Echo Hat (similar here)

Plaid and Camel

SEE LARK! | Plaid and Camel

I am feeling rad and channeling my high school self with this midi plaid flannel dress. I love the length which makes it wearable for winter. Since my size is influx right now, I am also super stoked that it only cost me about $25. Every woman should feel good at any size and it’s great to have budget friendly options for those “in between” phases. Continue reading “Plaid and Camel”

Cozy Cardigan

SEE LARK! | Cozy Cardigan

I love the first chill of the season.  It’s not too cold to bear but cold enough to bring out chunky knit sweaters, cardigans, and coats. I am loving this cardigan from Zara and its high collar.  It completely bypasses the need for a scarf.  It’s a perfect piece for transitioning weather and a quick trip for a breakfast bagel (I have my priorities). Continue reading “Cozy Cardigan”

A Farewell To Winter

SEE LARK! | A Farewell To Winter | Cameo Coat

By this time of year, I am usually searching for warm weather pieces even though we’re still dealing with the remnants of winter. That is why I was surprised to find myself buying a new coat in March. I stumbled upon a really cute shop called Etcetera Etc. during my last trip to Austin. Continue reading “A Farewell To Winter”



Did you ever play that “If you had to choose” game when you were little?  As in “if you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?”  I still play this game well into my adulthood but on matters much more important than food and sustenance. When it comes to wardrobe staples (and if I had to choose only one thing), the leather jacket would be the winner, winner, chicken dinner.   Continue reading “InstaCool”



With record-breaking low temperatures across the US, I learned the term ‘polar vortex’ and the true meaning of BURRRR!  In weather like this, I have no choice but to bring out the big guns.  With navy being a major color theme this year, a navy blue puffer coat (last seen here) seemed appropriate.   Continue reading “Bundled”

Statement Coat

statement-coat-2, club monaco, patterned coat, statement

I confess, Winter isn’t my favorite season but if you have to live through it, you may was well do it with a bold statement.  Each year the first cold front motivates me to find outwear and accessories to weather the weather.  Enter stage right this coat from Club Monaco.   Continue reading “Statement Coat”

From Russia With Love


No, I have never visited Russia.  However, if I did, I imagine there would be a lot of big fur hats worn during the winter.  When the temperature in DC dipped into the low 20s and it started to snow, I grabbed this faux fur version to warm my noggin.  Continue reading “From Russia With Love”

Feathered Frock


Last weekend, I hosted a belated birthday party for yours truly.  January can be a dreary month so something as simple as having a get-together can help bridge the time between the holidays and the first signs of Spring.  I didn’t let the cold weather put a damper on the shindig or affect my choice in party attire.   Continue reading “Feathered Frock”

Pop of Color


Winter usually means a lot of black and gray hues and I am no exception to the rule. However, it’s nice to be able to incorporate pops of color every now and then. I love wearing my bright blue sweater with a shorter jacket so that it’s not completely hidden underneath a winter coat. Continue reading “Pop of Color”