I was finally able to put on a dress without tights (daring, I know). I love a good skater dress, it’s figure flattering and allows you swing your skirt to and fro. Choose a dress with a slightly heavier weighted fabric, it’s the perfect material for this transition period that is called April.   Continue reading “Envy”


SEE LARK! | Thakoon

Can form really meet function? The answer is a definitive YES, and I found it in this dress by Thakoon. Finding a solid investment piece always give me a bit of a shopping high, but when it’s something you discover on sale (when you weren’t even looking), it’s like seeing a double rainbow. Continue reading “Thakoon”

Ivory Tower


An all-white outfit can be intimidating.  Sometimes, all I see are potential stains and an unforgiving color, but with a slight tweak in mindset, I see this look in a different (white) light. Continue reading “Ivory Tower”

Everything in Blues


In the past, I have been reluctant to buy navy blue pieces.  I am naturally more of a black and gray wearing kind of gal and have wondered whether navy would play nicely with the rest of my wardrobe.  If you find yourself in a similar situation, don’t fret!   Continue reading “Everything in Blues”

Rule of Three: The Patterned Pump (Part 1)


A few weeks ago, I shared my elation over a new pair of patterned pumps from J. Crew (now on sale!).  I wouldn’t call myself a huge pattern person, but the floral and studs just won me over.  It can be scary to take the plunge into a trend or style that you aren’t normally used to, especially if it requires a moderate investment.  When you find yourself in that situation, remember to apply the Rule of Three. Continue reading “Rule of Three: The Patterned Pump (Part 1)”

Garden Party


A late afternoon wedding in a vineyard calls for garden party attire. This phrase generates thoughts of bright colors, prints, and patterns. I wasn’t planning on going literal but this Ted Baker dress captures the essence of the term. Continue reading “Garden Party”

Pumped Up Kicks


I am delighted to report that great progress is being made in the world of toe healing! My doctor has ordered me off the crutches and one month of athletic shoes to rehab my foot. I’m talking sneakers all day every day. Since I can’t wear workout clothes every hour of the day, I challenged myself to find fun ways to incorporate my kicks into more polished outfits. Continue reading “Pumped Up Kicks”

Summer Dress


I continue my all-white obsession with a flowy cotton dress. I scored this a few years ago and bring it out every year as a summer staple. I don’t consider myself particularly girly, but this dress is all feminine with its delicate straps, bodice, and A-line skirt. Continue reading “Summer Dress”

Gone Fishing


Is there anything more effortless than a shift dress? The answer is yes, a drop waist shift dress! I found this one by Aijek via Gilt and instantly fell in love with the fishermen print and soft blue color. Continue reading “Gone Fishing”

Wrap It Up


I used to think wrap dresses were not made for someone like me with a small bust. I always had a coverage problem up top, too much fabric and accidental flashing situations so away they went back to the store. I have come to learn that not all wrap dresses are created equal and the DVF original is where I should have started. Continue reading “Wrap It Up”