Old Is New

SEE LARK! | Old Is New

It’s been awhile since my last outfit post.  The frigid weather and my preference for sweatpants during winter time was not a pretty sight.  Dare I say that Spring has finally arrived in DC and so has the return of most of my pre-baby wardrobe.  I was excited to be able to put on my favorite black denim and v-neck tee.  It will be interesting to see what becomes part of the rotation now that I strive for simple and quick looks (hence chopping of my locks!). Continue reading “Old Is New”

The Elements of Edge

SEE LARK! | The Elements of Edge

Despite the range of styles and variety that I try to incorporate into my wardrobe, I notice that I tend to gravitate to certain pieces over and over again. Lately, this has been my distressed boyfriend jeans and a leather jacket (any color). In doing so, I realized your go-to pieces can say a lot about one’s personal style. Continue reading “The Elements of Edge”

A Farewell To Winter

SEE LARK! | A Farewell To Winter | Cameo Coat

By this time of year, I am usually searching for warm weather pieces even though we’re still dealing with the remnants of winter. That is why I was surprised to find myself buying a new coat in March. I stumbled upon a really cute shop called Etcetera Etc. during my last trip to Austin. Continue reading “A Farewell To Winter”

Mint Condition


I am on pins and needles waiting for the first signs of Spring.  Even though we are still a few weeks away, I am already dreaming of pastel colors and lighter fabrics.  Being a huge fan of silk shirts, I fell in love with this Equipment top with its subtle snakeskin print in a light mint green color.   Continue reading “Mint Condition”

A Pant for All Seasons

city-1, banana republic, slouchy pants

Wouldn’t you know that after my public proclamation for favoring skirts and dresses that I get into a pants-wearing mood?! Truth be told, I do tend to go for jeans or trousers when I am not at work, anything that allows me to sit cross legged and provides comfort.   On a recent road trip with my hubby, I wore a pair of slouchy pants by Banana Republic.   Continue reading “A Pant for All Seasons”

Silver Lining


There are days where nothing but an all-black outfit will do. Perhaps it’s the season, but it feels very comfortable and familiar. To keep it from looking too goth, I mix different patterns and textures. Continue reading “Silver Lining”

I Want To See Your Pom Poms From the Stand


I have this Frank Ocean song in my head on repeat, especially after making these pom-pom shoes.  I took them out for their inaugural spin in my neighborhood, H Street, for lunch the other day.   Continue reading “I Want To See Your Pom Poms From the Stand”

If The Shoe Fits


I am wearing heels again (shhh…don’t tell my orthopedist), finally I am reunited with my BFF!  For such an occasion, one has to go with something classic like an open toe, minimal shoe. I love the yin yang of feminine pieces balanced with something hard and edgy. Continue reading “If The Shoe Fits”

Travel LBD


No matter where you travel, one should always pack a little black dress. You never know what occasion you’ll encounter while on the road so an LBD is like a Swiss Army knife, versatile in its functionality. I love the shift shape of this Zara dress, it feels very modern and comfortable all at the same time. Continue reading “Travel LBD”

Man Style

I sometimes feel a little bad for men.  Relative to women, I find men’s fashion to be limiting.  Women have skirts, dresses, pants, and multiple lengths and silhouettes we can play with and what do men have?   Continue reading “Man Style”