How To Wear Color

SEE LARK! | How To Wear Color

If you are anything like me, you find comfort in neutral colors. Gray, black, white, and brown will never treat you badly. However, it can be fun to wear color every now and then. Here are some ways to incorporate color into your wardrobe. Continue reading “How To Wear Color”

Fuel The Fire

SEE LARK! | Fuel The Fire

I have been loving the workout clothing options at Old Navy.  Oh no, it’s not what you think…I like their workout tees to wear casually, not to actually work out (I joke)!  It’s hard to banish these clever tees to only the gym since they work so well under a blazer and jeans.  Throw on a pair of heels and you are ready for happy hour…er once you are done running that is. Continue reading “Fuel The Fire”

Daily Uniform

SEE LARK! | Daily Uniform

Maternity leave has its perks, mainly that I don’t have to wear work clothes everyday.  However, this is a slippery slope as I am tempted to stay in PJs or workout clothes all day long.  Fortunately, I found a balance with a pair of distressed jeans and cheeky t-shirt.  It’s a combo that reminds me of the “old” me as I run errands with the little one in tow.  Speaking of babies, can you believe this diaper bag by Rebecca Minkoff? Finally a diaper bag that doesn’t look like one, I am in love! Continue reading “Daily Uniform”

New Year And New Hair

SEE LARK! | New Year And New Hair

I am ashamed to admit that I hadn’t had a haircut since July! A trim and an update to my everyday hairstyle was much needed. I jumped on the LOB train as it was enough for a noticeable change and still allowed me to wear it up. New hair calls for new clothes and this flouncy top and skinny jeans I scored on major discount fit the bill. Continue reading “New Year And New Hair”

Favorite Sweatshirt

SEE LARK! | Favorite Sweatshirt

A gray sweatshirt may seem a little bland but I was excited to rediscover this trusty and reliable friend. Its softness and relaxed fit makes it versatile for going out and staying in. Guess which one I do more of lately! Continue reading “Favorite Sweatshirt”

Post Holiday Sequins

SEE LARK! | Post Holiday Sequins

We are all probably experiencing a little bit of the post-holiday blues.  Gifts are all unwrapped, the last champagne has been consumed, and you are packing away your sequins/glitter/feathered garments for next year’s holiday events. Good news folks…you don’t have to pack away your festive wear.  There are great ways to incorporate these pieces in the new year.  Case in point, look at the sequins leggings.  It’s dressy yet practical for more than the occasional cocktail party. This is especially true for the pair I scored from Boutique Chic Auctions.  I am usually wary of sequins since the backside can be scratchy against the skin; however, this pair has a warm and cozy lining and the best part is that it’s super budget-friendly.  I dressed them down for daytime wear with an oversized “boyfriend” shirt which is my go-to top these days. Continue reading “Post Holiday Sequins”

2014 Outfit Round-Up

SEE LARK! | 2014 Outfit Round-Up

This is such a cliche, but time really flies when you are having fun. This year has been especially busy with a new role at work to start off the year and a new baby to end it. Through it all, personal style was my drishti in times of stress. While taking a look back at my outfits from this year, I picked out a few of my favorites. I predict these style elements make a repeat appearance in 2015. Continue reading “2014 Outfit Round-Up”

Slouchy Skinny

SEE LARK! | Slouchy Skinny

The term slouchy skinny sounds like an oxymoron; however, it does exist. It’s a great fit and style of denim for those that find the boyfriend jean to be too frumpy or just not quite the right shape. I am currently living In a pair by Current Elliott. It’s the perfect cross between style and comfort going with almost every type of shoe. Here, I try it out with an Oxford shoe and feeling like I hit the “dressed-up casual” jackpot. Continue reading “Slouchy Skinny”

Plaid and Camel

SEE LARK! | Plaid and Camel

I am feeling rad and channeling my high school self with this midi plaid flannel dress. I love the length which makes it wearable for winter. Since my size is influx right now, I am also super stoked that it only cost me about $25. Every woman should feel good at any size and it’s great to have budget friendly options for those “in between” phases. Continue reading “Plaid and Camel”


SEE LARK! | Noir

As I transition back to my pre-pregnancy style, I am finding comfort in an all-black outfit.  Black is of course slimming, but honestly the cold weather is what is really driving me to something simple and monochromatic. As a side note, stretch fabric is a girl’s best friend! Continue reading “Noir”