The Return Of The Statement Pant

SEE LARK! | The Return of the Statement Pant | Floral Pant

I am excited to see florals making a comeback this Spring. Fortunately, I have a stockpile of floral prints from last year that I am able to recycle and reinvent. One of my favorite pieces is this slouchy pant from Zara. Continue reading “The Return Of The Statement Pant”

The Elements of Edge

SEE LARK! | The Elements of Edge

Despite the range of styles and variety that I try to incorporate into my wardrobe, I notice that I tend to gravitate to certain pieces over and over again. Lately, this has been my distressed boyfriend jeans and a leather jacket (any color). In doing so, I realized your go-to pieces can say a lot about one’s personal style. Continue reading “The Elements of Edge”

Channeling Farrah

SEE LARK! | Channeling Farrah

I thought it was time to inject some change into my usual wardrobe. Therefore, I am finally giving the jumpsuit a fair handshake and I think I am in love. This version by Splendid is super comfortable and with the right pant length, this style can be flattering on multiple body shapes. Add a structured jacket and pumps and it becomes a nice nod to the 70s without being too literal. Continue reading “Channeling Farrah”


SEE LARK! | Thakoon

Can form really meet function? The answer is a definitive YES, and I found it in this dress by Thakoon. Finding a solid investment piece always give me a bit of a shopping high, but when it’s something you discover on sale (when you weren’t even looking), it’s like seeing a double rainbow. Continue reading “Thakoon”

Travel With Style

SEE LARK! | Travel With Style | Equipment Top

The phrase “I don’t know what to pack!” is almost as bad as staring in your closet and saying “I don’t have anything to wear!” Travel can be exciting but it’s also pressure to choose and commit to outfits which can cause one to over pack (hello, checked baggage weight limit). After years of traveling for work, I have honed in on the art of packing lightly while maintaining flexibility. Continue reading “Travel With Style”

Rule of Three: The Foxy Shirt

fox, fox print, in god we trust

If I had a totem spirit, it would be the fox. What else could explain my obsessions for Shiba Inus and this fox-print shirt I discovered in my recent trip to Brooklyn? Handcrafted in the good ol’ U. S. of A., I loved the playful print and silky smooth feeling of this In God We Trust button-down. To justify the purchase, I took the Rule of Three on an adventure through DC, highlighting both the versatility of the shirt and some of the city’s iconic sites. Continue reading “Rule of Three: The Foxy Shirt”

French Navy

french-navy-1, stripes, french, nautical, layers, streetstyle

The combination of a pea coat and stripes is what I imagine Camera Obscura’s Tracyanne Campbell wearing when she sings “French Navy“. On a cold crisp day, layers are essential so on comes the knit shirt, cardigan, and coat.  I just love how a bright orangey red mixes with leather, studs, and black and white stripes.   Continue reading “French Navy”

Silver Lining


There are days where nothing but an all-black outfit will do. Perhaps it’s the season, but it feels very comfortable and familiar. To keep it from looking too goth, I mix different patterns and textures. Continue reading “Silver Lining”



Did you ever play that “If you had to choose” game when you were little?  As in “if you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?”  I still play this game well into my adulthood but on matters much more important than food and sustenance. When it comes to wardrobe staples (and if I had to choose only one thing), the leather jacket would be the winner, winner, chicken dinner.   Continue reading “InstaCool”

Rule of Three: The Camo Pant


Camo is on trend right now, but if you ask me, it never went out of style.  Like its friend the leopard print, camo should be considered a neutral that can be worn with almost anything.  If you are feeling timid about wearing this much pattern, try a low cost version first, like this pair I scored from Target (can you believe it?).  Still not convinced?  Apply the rule of three to see how to get mileage out of those $25 pair of pants! Continue reading “Rule of Three: The Camo Pant”