Tulip Dress

SEE LARK! | Tulip Dress

I have discovered the perfect dress and it comes in the form of Hatch’s tulip dress.  It tapers out and then back in at the hem, creating a draped/blousey effect that would look great on any figure.  I used to have this mental block about wearing anything “maternity”, I mean why would I *seek* out maternity wear if I wasn’t expecting?  I think it was even a commandment on What Not To Wear, “Thou shalt not wear pregnancy clothing when not pregnant”.   Continue reading “Tulip Dress”

Wait-Worthy Fashion


SEE LARK! | Wait-Worthy Fashion

People say patience is a virtue, but I have always found it hard to put it into practice. This is especially true when it comes news of fashion collaborations or upcoming collections. Getting a preview and then seeing the release date always seems like such a long wait.  In addition to the much anticipated Alexander Wang for H&M announcement, here are three more collections/collaboration pieces that will have you drooling.  Perhaps instead of thinking about virtue, we should be chanting “good things comes to those who wait” to get us through the next couple of months. Continue reading “Wait-Worthy Fashion”

The Unapologetic Splurge List

SEE LARK! | The Unapologetic Splurge List

Often times wish lists are compiled of items that we would like to purchase or would like for others to buy for us on special occasions. I thought I would do a play on the wish list and curate items that are breathtaking and unequivocally extravagant. Now, I am not advocating we break the bank. The intent to allow oneself to dream and to not let the price tag constrain the imagination, hence the Unapologetic Splurge List. Continue reading “The Unapologetic Splurge List”

High Low Cat Eye Sunglasses

SEE LARK! | High Low Cat Eye Sunglasses

Over the winter, I had been searching for months for the perfect pair of cat eye sunglasses. When I discovered the Super Lucia, I combed through all the different varieties to find just the right pair. Continue reading “High Low Cat Eye Sunglasses”

Geology 101

SEE LARK! | Geology 101

Gemstones, geodes, druzy stones, and agates…everywhere I look, sparkly rocks are very much on trend in jewelry. Don’t know the difference among all these terms? Here’s a quick cheat sheet so you’ll be in the know on your next shopping trip. Continue reading “Geology 101”

Five Days of Gifting


Girlfriends are the best.  They are there to celebrate your highs and to support you through your lows.  They do all of these things while wearing plenty of gold accessories, sparkly necklaces, and a pair of fabulous heels.  In this last installment of Five Days of Gifting, we want to show our gratitude for all those Stylish Gal Pals in our lives.   Continue reading “Five Days of Gifting”

Eye On Etsy


The Goods: 1. Skull Earrings / 2. Wood Alphabet / 3. Art Deco Salt and Pepper Shakers / 4. Linen and Leather Clutch / 5. Midi Ring / 6. French Art Print / 7. Collection of Coins Art Print / 8. Botanical Sachets / 9. Shift Dress

What has me excited on Etsy this month are art prints and accessories in fashion and for the home. Continue reading “Eye On Etsy”

Leather Shorts


I am normally a “dress and skirts” kind of gal, but would easily pass them up for a pair of leather shorts.  I found a great pair from Zara that has a looser fit and cinched waist.   Continue reading “Leather Shorts”

Same But Different: Necklaces


Does anyone else get chills when they see that J. Crew “Extra 30% off sale items” or “Take 25% off new arrivals” email in their inbox?! Well, I do and while I try to refrain from clicking on the link, I inevitably give in and peruse the latest sales, new arrivals, and everything in between. Continue reading “Same But Different: Necklaces”

Black and White


I debated for quite some time before I summoned the courage to try on this graphic pair of pants. I was pleasantly surprised to find a comfortable fit. Given that they were a low-cost investment, I was not afraid to try something new and a little trendier. Continue reading “Black and White”