Fit and Flare

SEE LARK! | Fit and Flare | Banana Republic Dress

I think back to my first year out of college, buying items for the office based on price and what I *thought* was expected of my wardrobe and ended up looking like…well, a collage graduate. If I were to give advice to my 22 year-old self and to those now entering the workforce, it would be to focus on fabric and fit. Continue reading “Fit and Flare”

Wrap It Up


I used to think wrap dresses were not made for someone like me with a small bust. I always had a coverage problem up top, too much fabric and accidental flashing situations so away they went back to the store. I have come to learn that not all wrap dresses are created equal and the DVF original is where I should have started. Continue reading “Wrap It Up”