The Pathway To Great Skin 

I have never been a product junkie, although is it weird that I secretly aspire to be one? I get enticed with every cream and serum marketed, but get so overwhelmed by all the choices out there that I usually stick to what I know. Fortunately, if what you know is effective then there is no need to throw your money at more stuff. Ever since I had A, my skin has taken me on a hormonal ride and had to rethink my skincare. Through some trial and error, I found three products that returned my skin to smooth and clear territory. Continue reading “The Pathway To Great Skin “

Birthday Wishlist


January is typically not anyone’s favorite month. Everyone is coming off the holiday highs and Spring is still in the distant future. January birthday babies are probably the only exception to this feeling. Every year, I remind myself that my birthday follows shortly after New Year’s and the fun doesn’t end. When family members ask what I would like for my birthday, I never know the answer. My wants range from “of the moment” needs to things that are super expensive (a girl can dream). Nowadays, I think more carefully since a gift needs some practicality or it will be left unused. So I curated a small set of favorites that meet both function and luxury. Continue reading “Birthday Wishlist”

My Current Obsessions

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Life has certainly become busier these past few months.  Between work and taking care of baby, it can be a challenge to find time for myself.  Thankfully, I have discovered, and become reliant upon, a few essential products that help me keep it all together…and they are all under $50! Continue reading “My Current Obsessions”

Product Love: Amopé Pedicure Foot File

SEE LARK! | Product Love: Amopé Pedicure Foot File

I love getting pedis. No matter what type of shoes I wear, my feet become a hot mess a couple of weeks after said pampering. Now with a newborn, finding time to slip in an appointment is tough. I actually had planned for a pedi the week before my due date, but the little man had different plans for me. Therefore, I am thankful that I had bought an Amopé foot file. Whereas an appointment may not be attainable right now, I can at least find five minutes to tackle pesky calluses, making my feet presentable. Afterwards, apply foot lotion for a soothing and renewed feeling.

The No-Makeup Makeup Look

SEE LARK! | The No Makeup Makeup Look
Recently, Kerry Washington appeared on the cover of Allure magazine all freshed face. When asked about the photo, she admitted that she did wear some makeup for her no makeup look. I applaud her for being honest (but seriously, I would think there would be some makeup when you are talking about a magazine cover shot). I embrace and welcome a little help to appear au natural and with the recent arrival of my little one, I have been practicing a no makeup makeup look (even in the hospital!). The key is even skin tone and highlighting certain features. Here are my staples for creating a bare, but not really bare, face look. Continue reading “The No-Makeup Makeup Look”

Happy 4th!

SEE LARK! | Happy 4th

Work has consumed all of my life for the past few weeks so I am looking forward to celebrating the 4th with a little R&R. I packed my favorites – swimsuit, beauty essentials, and the all important pair of sunnies –  and intend to go offline for a bit.  Wishing you a Happy Independence Day…see you next week!


Three Ways To Treat Blemishes

SEE LARK! | Three Ways To Treat Blemishes

I thought that acne and breakouts were reserved only for teenage years. Unfortunately, I was proven wrong. Lately, my skin has been a bit of a train wreck with unsightly blemishes on the forehead and chin. As a result, I have tried a few different methods (besides keeping my skin clean and drinking plenty of water) to help expedite the healing process. If you are in a similar (breakout) boat, here are three ways to fight against those unwanted troubled spots. Continue reading “Three Ways To Treat Blemishes”

A Lipstick For Every Occasion

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I used to find shopping for lipstick quite overwhelming. There are too many choices and if I pick a color similar to something I already own, you can guarantee something is going to get tossed aside and forgotten. My strategy in the past has been to use only one color, but what’s the fun in that? Therefore, my revised approach is to pick one or two lipsticks, lip gloss, and/or lip liners from each major color grouping – orange/corals, reds, pinks/plums, and nudes – and mix and match them depending on the occasion. This way I have some variety and abstain from buying a new product until one in my lip arsenal is out. It’s also a great way to mix different textures (e.g., super matte with a sheer color) to get a custom color. Here are a few combinations to try out this week. While you are at it, I’d love to know what are your go-to lip colors?

Continue reading “A Lipstick For Every Occasion”

So Long Raccoon Eyes


Hello, my name is Elaine and I am addicted to eye liner.  In my life long search for well defined eyes, black eye liner and I have been best pals since high school. Unfortunately, it has been known to turn on me from time to time.  For example, I’ll line my eyes in the morning looking put together only to find the dreaded raccoon look by midday.   Continue reading “So Long Raccoon Eyes”

Fabulous in 15 Minutes


I am such a procrastinator when it comes to getting up in the mornings, especially during the work week.  I try to maximize the time in bed and minimize the time it takes to get ready.  The other day,  I literally cut it down to the wire and had to really focus to get out the door on time.  I managed to get hair, make-up, and dressing all done in literally 15 minutes.  If you find yourself in a similar rush in the A.M. then here are some tips to look fabulous with some time to spare. Continue reading “Fabulous in 15 Minutes”