Birthday Wishlist


January is typically not anyone’s favorite month. Everyone is coming off the holiday highs and Spring is still in the distant future. January birthday babies are probably the only exception to this feeling. Every year, I remind myself that my birthday follows shortly after New Year’s and the fun doesn’t end. When family members ask what I would like for my birthday, I never know the answer. My wants range from “of the moment” needs to things that are super expensive (a girl can dream). Nowadays, I think more carefully since a gift needs some practicality or it will be left unused. So I curated a small set of favorites that meet both function and luxury. Continue reading “Birthday Wishlist”

Birthday Suit


Turning one year older used to be an exciting event, but now that I am closer to 40 than I am 30 (writing that kind of makes me cringe), I am no hurry to round up any numbers. Mid-30s isn’t old (nor is 40), it’s just the realization of how much life has occurred already – graduations, wedding, new jobs, moves, the list goes on – that has me reflecting on age.   Continue reading “Birthday Suit”