Austin Loot


I love Austin, it’s quirky and special in its own way. My sister and brother-in-law live there and I visit them on a semi-regular basis and everytime I do, there is just not enough time to shop all the shops and to eat all the food I crave.  Continue reading “Austin Loot”

Jeweled Heels


‘Twas the night before Christmas, and a woman laid eyes on a gorgeous pair of shoes. The heels were jeweled and sparkled in the light. She wanted them instantly but wasn’t quite sure how to get them. You see…the shoes were ultra expensive and while the woman could splurge, it didn’t mean she should. Here is the story of the options and the ultimate decision… Continue reading “Jeweled Heels”

LBD Upgrade


The holidays are in full swing and you’ve probably been to quite a few shindigs already. Before you know it, New Year’s will be here and you’ll be scouting for an NYE look. If you tend to feel a bit guilty about buying new party dresses knowing that you will only wear it once, here are some practical (and not so practical) ways to upgrade your existing black dresses that are in your closet and calling out to you, “Remember me? Oh please wear me again!”. Continue reading “LBD Upgrade”

L.M.W. Party

Nothing is more fun than birthday parties.  I headed out to help celebrate my pal Kylee’s birthday a few Saturdays ago at a local place called Little Miss Whiskey’s (LMW).  The challenge with going out in cold weather is always figuring out what to wear so that you don’t look like a football player when you leave the house (a la 1980s/90s Starter Jackets).  Continue reading “L.M.W. Party”

Bling It On

As you have seen in previous posts (here and here), I love all things that sparkle (aka “bling”). I have gradually gotten bolder and incorporated more bling into my wardrobe through sequins, large statement jewelry, and accessories. Here are my favorite sparkly things for the Fall and Winter. Continue reading “Bling It On”

Casual Glitz

What does one wear to a 3PM wedding? I have been trying to find an excuse to wear sequins lately and wanted to wear my new sequins skirt to our friend’s wedding. Given it was an afternoon wedding and mostly outdoors, I dressed it down with a blue dress shirt and wore shoes with a chunky acrylic heel to give me steady footing on grass. Continue reading “Casual Glitz”

Clutch Decision

I have noticed lately that I take the same purse around with me at all times.  Most of the time it is very versatile but when it comes to more formal events, I think I need (okay maybe not need but want) something a little more sparkly.  Continue reading “Clutch Decision”