How To Style Kicks

I love high heels and practically lived in them until recently. Let’s face it, city living plus bumpy sidewalks equals aching feet. Factor in a new baby and I have come to terms that flats, specifically sneakers, are probably a good idea. I had always felt that sneakers were too sporty to wear outside of the gym until I figured out a few tricks for making them look more polished.  Here are some key pieces that can up the style notch to your kicks. Continue reading “How To Style Kicks”

Thank Goodness For Sweatpants

SEE LARK! | Thank Goodness For Sweatpants

As the title of this post indicates, I am grateful for sweatpants.  I am also thankful for the fact that it is appropriate these days to wear sweatpants out in public (with the right styling of course). The stretch and comfort are a postpartum lady’s best friend and with the vast selection of styles and price points, gives me plenty of variety to choose from.  This harem style made by Gap Body is a current staple of mine, perfect for a stroll in the park with the little one. Continue reading “Thank Goodness For Sweatpants”

Vested Interest

SEE LARK! | Vested Interest

A puffy vest is one of my favorite outerwear pieces. I had owned and worn the same ol’ black vest for years and finally upgraded to a new version in gorgeous green.  Fortunately, it’s also one of the rare pieces that I can wear right now that is non-maternity! Continue reading “Vested Interest”

Cozy Cardigan

SEE LARK! | Cozy Cardigan

I love the first chill of the season.  It’s not too cold to bear but cold enough to bring out chunky knit sweaters, cardigans, and coats. I am loving this cardigan from Zara and its high collar.  It completely bypasses the need for a scarf.  It’s a perfect piece for transitioning weather and a quick trip for a breakfast bagel (I have my priorities). Continue reading “Cozy Cardigan”

Accentuate The Positive

SEE LARK! | Accentuate The Positive

As I near my ninth month of pregnancy (who are we kidding, it’s really 10 months), I have learned to embrace the baby bump.  It was cute and manageable in the second trimester, but lately I have been feeling large and in charge. My first inclination is to hide in large swaths of fabric.  Then realize I should cherish this time and accentuate my “asset”.  Thank goodness for a basic black tank dress, it’s form-fitting in a slimming color and adding a jacket helps balance out the mid-section. Continue reading “Accentuate The Positive”

Same Denim, Different Day

SEE LARK! | Same Denim, Different Day

As mentioned on Tuesday’s post, I found a pair of jeans to live in for the next few months.  The last look I showcased was dressed down, so now I try to stretch the versatility of my maternity wardrobe by dressing up the same pair of distressed denim. Continue reading “Same Denim, Different Day”


SEE LARK! | Spicoli

I am pretty pumped to finally find a pair of comfy jeans to take me through my third trimester. At first, I thought it was pretty fun to wear a bunch of dresses but found it limiting when you just want to go casual. Given that Summer just past, the other challenge I faced was mentally imagining myself in hot skinny jeans – no thank you. Continue reading “Spicoli”

Are Vans The New Mom Shoe?

SEE LARK! | Are Vans The New Mom Shoe?

When you think of Vans, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? I think of skateboards, teens, and well…youth. While this is all true, could there be another side of Vans?  Could it be the shoe for soon-to-be moms in dire need of style and comfort?! I thought I would be able to still rock heels all day long while pregnant but the third trimester is proving to be a little tougher than I thought.   Continue reading “Are Vans The New Mom Shoe?”