Late Summer

SEE LARK! | Late Summer

As much as I am looking forward to Fall, I am trying to soak up as much of Summer as I can.  Straw hats and short dresses are the epitome of a lazy, “nothing to do”, warm August afternoon.  I choose an all black ensemble.  I know what you are thinking, isn’t that reserved for colder months and New Yorkers?  Noir get-ups can totally work for Summer, just look for lighter fabrics and pieces appropriate for the weather in question (i.e., sandals instead of knee high boots, but you are all smart and probably already knew that!).  This shirt dress was light and airy, perfect for disguising the salad with buerre blanc sance and a side of fries I consumed at lunch.  Oops. Continue reading “Late Summer”

The Unapologetic Splurge List

SEE LARK! | The Unapologetic Splurge List

Often times wish lists are compiled of items that we would like to purchase or would like for others to buy for us on special occasions. I thought I would do a play on the wish list and curate items that are breathtaking and unequivocally extravagant. Now, I am not advocating we break the bank. The intent to allow oneself to dream and to not let the price tag constrain the imagination, hence the Unapologetic Splurge List. Continue reading “The Unapologetic Splurge List”



Did you ever play that “If you had to choose” game when you were little?  As in “if you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?”  I still play this game well into my adulthood but on matters much more important than food and sustenance. When it comes to wardrobe staples (and if I had to choose only one thing), the leather jacket would be the winner, winner, chicken dinner.   Continue reading “InstaCool”

Statement Coat

statement-coat-2, club monaco, patterned coat, statement

I confess, Winter isn’t my favorite season but if you have to live through it, you may was well do it with a bold statement.  Each year the first cold front motivates me to find outwear and accessories to weather the weather.  Enter stage right this coat from Club Monaco.   Continue reading “Statement Coat”

If The Shoe Fits


I am wearing heels again (shhh…don’t tell my orthopedist), finally I am reunited with my BFF!  For such an occasion, one has to go with something classic like an open toe, minimal shoe. I love the yin yang of feminine pieces balanced with something hard and edgy. Continue reading “If The Shoe Fits”

Mad Hatter


[Velvet Dress / Club Monaco Hat / Necklace from Etsy / Nars Manhunt Lipstick]

For me, hats come out and play in the Summer.  I tend to favor the fedora style as it seems to fit my weirdly shaped head the best (okay, my head shape isn’t weird, but it looks weird in other styles).  The brim is the most important feature to test out before buying a hat. Continue reading “Mad Hatter”

Texture and Pattern


Sundays normally means packing for me.  As I prepared for the work week, I threw this combination of lace and print into my suitcase without much thought.  I figured a black top goes with a multicolored skirt, it will work.  When I actually put it on, I realized that the lace in my peplum top added a new dimension to the look that I had not anticipated…and I really liked it.   Continue reading “Texture and Pattern”