Adventures in Babyproofing – Part 1

Hey everybody! I am very sorry to have gone MIA the past month and half. Things have gotten real busy as work has ramped up along with regular mommy duties. With all of that going on, it’s been hard to find time, let alone inspiration, for a blog post. Luckily, I had some down time over Labor Day to give me some renewed energy. That energy went towards babyproofing now that A is fully mobile and “ranging” all around (a term hubby has used to describe his scooting and crawling to and fro).

How does one know what needs babyproofing? It’s actually pretty easy to figure out. Step one, find a squirmy infant or toddler. Step two, set them loose and see what they touch or get near…it’s guaranteed to be a safety hazard.  After a couple of weeks of following A everywhere he went and covering corners with my hand, I knew I wanted A to have freedom so that he could explore and learn, but not have carte blanche on the entire house. Considering our first floor is open concept and where we spend the most time, I chose this area as his safe space and made a few key modifications while maintaining its style. Continue reading “Adventures in Babyproofing – Part 1”

High Low Sun Shade

SEE LARK! | High Low Sun Shade

With the change in weather (although Mother Nature was not kind to us this weekend) comes spending time outdoors. We have a third floor patio that has been neglected in the past and I would like to use the space more often this year. The house has a modern aesthetic with very little shade from the sun. I have been in love with this Design Within Reach mid-century sunshade for years but could not justify the $1500+ price tag. I was therefore elated to see CB2 offer a very similar design for $349. This is a no-brainer decision!

Solved: Modern Nursery Decor Challenges

SEE LARK! | Solved: Modern Nursery Decor Challenges

I finally finished A’s nursery (albeit several weeks after he was born). We used our back guest room that served as my hubby’s office.  Now he has to learn to share…ha!   I had some anxiety about decorating this space since baby furniture and decor can be a little cheesy.  So what is a modern design loving gal to do?  Here are highlights of the design challenges encountered and the solutions discovered. Continue reading “Solved: Modern Nursery Decor Challenges”

Dress Your Living Room Like You Dress Yourself

SEE LARK! | Dress Your Living Room Like You Dress Yourself

[1. Couch / 2. Accent Pillows (similar here) / 3. Floor Lamp, Mirror, and TV Media Console / 4. Paris Black & White Wall Art / 5. Accent Table]

When decorating your living space, one should approach it like picking out an outfit.   Many times I would see all dark finished wood or only one style of furniture in someone’s living room (equate that to matchy match shoes, purse and belt – boring) and it had me thinking…you would never limit yourself to one look or genre so why do that to your home? Using pieces from Modani Modern Furniture and yours truly as a test case, here is a quick guide to styling a living room that is perfectly you. Continue reading “Dress Your Living Room Like You Dress Yourself”

Star Themed Baby Shower

SEE LARK!| Star Themed Baby Shower

My sweet friend Kylee planned a “twinkle twinkle little star” themed baby shower for an intimate party of six this past weekend.  I loved the little touches of star fruits, confetti and garland.  There was even a star pinata. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to a take picture of it before the smashing commenced, but you can see the aftermath here.  Additionally, the blue hydrangeas, cocktails of Prosecco and Blue Curacao, and navy blue nail polish party favors (Essie’s Style Cartel) were a stylish nod to a baby boy.  I am feeling very thankful for friends and loved ones who took time to pull an event together and time out of their busy day for a little quality time. What a perfect afternoon! Continue reading “Star Themed Baby Shower”

High Low Nursery Art

SEE LARK! | High Low Nursery Art

I have been putting a lot of thought into the future nursery. I have never been an overly cutesy person, so I knew I wanted something sweet but not too “themey”.  I love the animal artwork by Sharon Montrose and have been looking over all adorable options on her Animal Print Shop.   Continue reading “High Low Nursery Art”

Home Design Q&A


My reason for starting SEE LARK! was to create a venue to share my passion and love for fashion, travel, food and interior design. Since buying my first home in 2010, I have honed in my decorating skills and learned a lot along the journey.  Therefore, after getting some questions about where to find inspiration when styling a home, I decided to share some of my tips here with you! Continue reading “Home Design Q&A”

Eye On Etsy

SEE LARK! | Eye On Etsy

Sleek and modern are the qualities I look for in almost anything – fashion, home decor, jewelry…you name it! Therefore, I am love with this month’s Etsy picks since it epitomizes my two favorite adjectives.  Though some items are a splurge, one can always admire their beautiful and unique designs. Continue reading “Eye On Etsy”

Organizing Small Things

SEE LARK! | Organizing Small Things

Lately, I have found myself trying to catch-up on organizing and de-cluttering the house on weekends (not how one should use their free time).  I am amazed on how much stuff piles up, especially in the bedroom like make-up, bobby pins, and other small things that I need put can’t stand have floating around the bathroom or nightstand. With a little ingenuity, I take decorative items and repurpose them to help store and organize all these small things while keeping the room stylish.  Here are some ideas for your next organization project. Continue reading “Organizing Small Things”

Eye On Etsy

SEE LARK! | Eye On Etsy | For The Home

I have home decor on the brain.  Even though our house has been fully fluffed and nested, I still like to think about how to change things up.  The idea gets in my head thanks to some shiny object discovered on Etsy. This month, I am adoring modern home accents in white and grays with gold and brass finishes. Continue reading “Eye On Etsy”