Easy DIY: Monogrammed Tote Bag


SEE LARK! | Easy DIY: Monogrammed Tote Bag

My little guy started daycare earlier this month.  Along with the trauma of a first-time mother leaving her child in the care of others, there was also the need to pack necessities (e.g., diapers, bottles, spare clothes) on a daily  basis.  I wanted a tote bag that would read “boy” and be easy to distinguish from all the other baby bags, but I also wanted something true to my aesthetic.  Tired of seeing so many personalized Nantucket / Martha’s Vineyard style tote bags in Times New Roman font, I decided to create my own personalized “edgy” tote bag.  Given that I rarely have free time for projects, this one was a real quick DIY…like five minutes quick. Continue reading “Easy DIY: Monogrammed Tote Bag”

Easy DIY: Glitter Booties

SEE LARK! | Easy DIY Glitter Booties

I love booties and I love sparkly things…so why not combine the two? I have drooled over ultra glittery shoes in the past and even owned a pair, but have come to find the reality of wearing them posing a couple of problems.  First of all, the glitter sheds.  Like pixie dust, you could re-trace my footsteps and not to mention it can be a b&#ch to clean up.  Secondly, a lot of the styles are super expensive so can sparkly lust really justify the cost?  Fortunately, I found a way to satisfy the craving by creating a subtle glittery boot with this very simple DIY. Continue reading “Easy DIY: Glitter Booties”

Easy DIY: Repurposed Necklaces

SEE LARK! | Easy DIY: Repurposed Necklaces

With access to many affordable options, jewelry can easily pile up and become quickly forgotten.  I found a set of layered faux pearls in my closet that I wanted to put back into rotation but with a twist. I decided to pair it with another favorite, yet seldom worn, Pac-Man necklace that I received as a gift from my husband when we were dating. Together, I repurposed two necklaces to create one new edgy, yet feminine statement piece.  Here’s how. Continue reading “Easy DIY: Repurposed Necklaces”

Easy DIY: Wine Glass + Chalkboard Paint


I purchased about a dozen wine glasses from Ikea for a belated birthday party last year.  They were inexpensive and a nice alternative to disposable cups. Feeling a little crafty and inspired by an episode of The High Low Project on HGTV, I decided to upgrade these glasses with some chalkboard paint and transform them into something eye pleasing and useful for entertaining large groups. Continue reading “Easy DIY: Wine Glass + Chalkboard Paint”

Easy DIY: Color Splattered Necklace


I love Tom Binns for his statement necklaces, particularly ones with a mix of sparkle, metal, and pearls. However, it wasn’t until over the holidays that I discovered his hand painted and splatter painted chandelier necklace designs.  Perhaps it’s because I am sick of seeing cloudy cold days, but the colors and overall “chaos” in which they are applied really caught my eye. Seeing that I wasn’t ready to spend $700-$100+ on a necklace, I spent a snowy weekend DIY-ing.

Continue reading “Easy DIY: Color Splattered Necklace”

Easy DIY: Make Your Own Pattern


I have decided that I am grown-up enough to own and use cloth napkins.  With this in mind and inspired by linens with neon piping spotted at ABC Home (which were priced at $35 per napkin…PER napkin), I went on an endless search for hot pink patterned table linens.  Unfortunately, the only patterns I discovered were all a little too “themey”, lots of Christmas trees and turkey prints…add a cat sweater and you’ve hit the trifecta.

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Easy DIY: Matte Black Necklace


Jewelry trends come and go; therefore, I get a little cagey about spending too much on the latest shiny sparkly.  Thanks to places like Bauble Bar, of-the-moment pieces are affordable and dare I say, reinventable?  Is that even a word?!  Lately, I have taken a liking to all-black jewelry.  Uncertain with how I often I would wear this look, I decided to DIY by experimenting on an existing necklace. Continue reading “Easy DIY: Matte Black Necklace”

Easy DIY: Pom Pom Heels


[Image via Vanessa Jackman]

When I first saw this picture of Christine Centenera in these shoes, I about died. It’s minimal and three-dimensional with lovely suede embellishments. After some Internet sleuthing, I figured out these are a gorgeous pair of Alaïa heels…a gorgeous and expensive pair of Alaïa heels…a gorgeous, expensive, and sold-out pair of Alaïa heels. Hence, another reason to DIY. Continue reading “Easy DIY: Pom Pom Heels”

Easy DIY: Graffiti Dress


I am holding my hand out in anticipation of receiving change for a fiver.  No not really, but it’s a logical reason considering the money I saved by making my own neon pink graffiti dress.  Here’s the back story to this Easy DIY adventure… Continue reading “Easy DIY: Graffiti Dress”

Easy DIY: Instagram Collage


During our time in Koh Samui, a Japanese couple asked us to take a photo of them. I expected it to be a normal camera but much to my surprise, they used a compact Polaroid. As a thank you, they took a picture of me and my husband and left us with a little memento. This one made business card-sized photos and given its small size and instant nature, the exposure reminded me of an Instagram filter. Continue reading “Easy DIY: Instagram Collage”