Refined Plaid

SEE LARK! | Refined Plaid

With the introduction of Fall comes a variety of plaid patterns for the choosing. I tend to go for the reliable black and white combination in a larger print.  It’s graphic and feels more sophisticated than your “everyday” plaid.  Adding a burgundy heel and a leather jacket (which has been in heavy rotation lately),  are a great toppers that help me channel my pre-pregnancy self. Continue reading “Refined Plaid”

Oh La La

SEE LARK! | Oh La La

Wearing stripes always makes me feel like a Parisienne. You’d think that horizontal stripes would not be a friend to a growing figure but it can actually be quite flattering if you choose the right shape.  Go for a more form-fitting design and wear it with something that has a defined shape and angles like a blazer or a long sleeve collared shirt. Throw on a red lip and voilà!   Continue reading “Oh La La”

A Little Boho

SEE LARK! | A Little Boho

Bohemian is definitely one word that would not describe my everyday style. With that said, it can be easy to ignore an entire style genre and miss out on something great.  So I went out of my comfort zone and took a chance on these slouchy harem pants with an abstract print and tassels. Continue reading “A Little Boho”

Classic Pieces

SEE LARK! | Classic Pieces

Basics seem to be a major theme for me this week.  This time around, it’s all about white, gray, and black colors. These colors in the  form of classic pieces anything but basic. I love a good white button down shirt, with sleeves rolled up or un-tucked, it has a great casual vibe. Continue reading “Classic Pieces”

Shiny Sparkly


I am sucker for anything shiny and sparkly.  Whenever I shop (which is almost all the time), I always seem to find that $300 pair of sequin shorts or crystal-encrusted cocktail dress.  Sadly, I have to apply my “practical” filter and refrain from buying since most of these items are too fancy for me to wear enough to justify the price tag, even with a Rule of Three. Continue reading “Shiny Sparkly”

Rule of Three: The Foxy Shirt

fox, fox print, in god we trust

If I had a totem spirit, it would be the fox. What else could explain my obsessions for Shiba Inus and this fox-print shirt I discovered in my recent trip to Brooklyn? Handcrafted in the good ol’ U. S. of A., I loved the playful print and silky smooth feeling of this In God We Trust button-down. To justify the purchase, I took the Rule of Three on an adventure through DC, highlighting both the versatility of the shirt and some of the city’s iconic sites. Continue reading “Rule of Three: The Foxy Shirt”


lbd, leather jacket

I must admit, I play favorites. I have a favorite lipstick, food, nephew (okay I only have one nephew)…even a favorite spot in my home.  In the city where space is a commodity, I live tall in a three-story house where the stairway between the second and third floor takes first prize.   Continue reading “Favorites”

Little Red Corvette


My obsession and love for TJ Maxx paid off when I discovered this beautiful pair of Elizabeth and James heels. The red leather and edgy design reminds me of a sleek sports car.

Continue reading “Little Red Corvette”

High Volume Skirt


A large, voluminous, pleated skirt can be a scary piece of clothing. If paired improperly, one can look a bit frumpy. I found this beautiful flouncy high volume skirt at H&M. I loved the shape, size, and texture. The key to wearing a skirt like this is to ensure that it hits you at the narrowest part of your body. This will most likely be higher up on the waist near the rib cage. As a result, it creates a great hourglass shape while keeping you slender. Continue reading “High Volume Skirt”