Easy DIY: Glitter Booties

SEE LARK! | Easy DIY Glitter Booties

I love booties and I love sparkly things…so why not combine the two? I have drooled over ultra glittery shoes in the past and even owned a pair, but have come to find the reality of wearing them posing a couple of problems.  First of all, the glitter sheds.  Like pixie dust, you could re-trace my footsteps and not to mention it can be a b&#ch to clean up.  Secondly, a lot of the styles are super expensive so can sparkly lust really justify the cost?  Fortunately, I found a way to satisfy the craving by creating a subtle glittery boot with this very simple DIY. Continue reading “Easy DIY: Glitter Booties”

LBD Upgrade


The holidays are in full swing and you’ve probably been to quite a few shindigs already. Before you know it, New Year’s will be here and you’ll be scouting for an NYE look. If you tend to feel a bit guilty about buying new party dresses knowing that you will only wear it once, here are some practical (and not so practical) ways to upgrade your existing black dresses that are in your closet and calling out to you, “Remember me? Oh please wear me again!”. Continue reading “LBD Upgrade”

Weekend Casual

On this particular weekend, I decked out in something casual but pulled together to run errands. I am huge fan of blazers and this leather one had a great camel color that goes with everything and has a little more heft than your average blazer to function as outerwear. Continue reading “Weekend Casual”

Girly Art

I never paid too much attention to art until I had to furnish and decorate an entire home. Art is expensive, people! Luckily with the invention of IKEA and Etsy, one can make art very affordable and very cool. Continue reading “Girly Art”