Honeymoon Redux


This time last year, hubby and I were headed to the Greek Islands for our honeymoon. Taking another look at all the pictures from my trip, the scenery seems more like a dream than reality. It really is as beautiful and breathtaking as the photos indicate. If you are planning a trip to somewhere warm and relaxing, I highly recommend Greece. Continue reading “Honeymoon Redux”

Such Great Heights


Some people are afraid of it, but for me I like it…I’m talking about height, all things tall. Whether from a building, hiking to the top of a mountain (small one!), or gazing upon a tall structure, I love the view it gives me. Continue reading “Such Great Heights”

Farewell 2012


New Year’s Eve 2012

As we prepare to say goodbye to 2012, I took some time to reflect on the year. Overall, I think 2012 was a great year. There were a lot of life events (marriages and babies), travel, and wonderful moments with good friends. Farewell 2012, you have been good to me…I pay homage by sharing some highlights from the year. Continue reading “Farewell 2012”

Greece is the Word

The official end of summer happened last week but I don’t consider summer ending until that first chilly night, that happened this week.  While I am sad to say goodbye to our warm weather friend, I am excited about what Fall brings.  As a farewell tribute to Summer, I wanted to share a few pictures of my honeymoon in Greece that we took to kick-off Summer 2012.  It was by far the best summer I have had in a long time! Continue reading “Greece is the Word”