Adventures in Babyproofing – Part 1

Hey everybody! I am very sorry to have gone MIA the past month and half. Things have gotten real busy as work has ramped up along with regular mommy duties. With all of that going on, it’s been hard to find time, let alone inspiration, for a blog post. Luckily, I had some down time over Labor Day to give me some renewed energy. That energy went towards babyproofing now that A is fully mobile and “ranging” all around (a term hubby has used to describe his scooting and crawling to and fro).

How does one know what needs babyproofing? It’s actually pretty easy to figure out. Step one, find a squirmy infant or toddler. Step two, set them loose and see what they touch or get near…it’s guaranteed to be a safety hazard.  After a couple of weeks of following A everywhere he went and covering corners with my hand, I knew I wanted A to have freedom so that he could explore and learn, but not have carte blanche on the entire house. Considering our first floor is open concept and where we spend the most time, I chose this area as his safe space and made a few key modifications while maintaining its style. Continue reading “Adventures in Babyproofing – Part 1”

Dress Your Living Room Like You Dress Yourself

SEE LARK! | Dress Your Living Room Like You Dress Yourself

[1. Couch / 2. Accent Pillows (similar here) / 3. Floor Lamp, Mirror, and TV Media Console / 4. Paris Black & White Wall Art / 5. Accent Table]

When decorating your living space, one should approach it like picking out an outfit.   Many times I would see all dark finished wood or only one style of furniture in someone’s living room (equate that to matchy match shoes, purse and belt – boring) and it had me thinking…you would never limit yourself to one look or genre so why do that to your home? Using pieces from Modani Modern Furniture and yours truly as a test case, here is a quick guide to styling a living room that is perfectly you. Continue reading “Dress Your Living Room Like You Dress Yourself”

Home Design Q&A


My reason for starting SEE LARK! was to create a venue to share my passion and love for fashion, travel, food and interior design. Since buying my first home in 2010, I have honed in my decorating skills and learned a lot along the journey.  Therefore, after getting some questions about where to find inspiration when styling a home, I decided to share some of my tips here with you! Continue reading “Home Design Q&A”

Wanted: Grown-Up Dining Table

DiningRoom_0028D[Image via Dust Jacket]

Dear Ikea Bjursta Table, After all these years, it’s time to say good-bye. We had good times moving from apartment to apartment. Remember that time we squeezed you into that tiny one-bedroom condo and could sorta fit four people at once for dinner?  Or how nothing would stain or mark your unnaturally resilient finish?   Continue reading “Wanted: Grown-Up Dining Table”

Decorating With Dinnerware


Dinnerware and tabletop pieces have such a variety in both design and prices that it’s almost too pretty to use for food. I catch myself buying plates, flatware, and bottles with beautiful patterns or color and then go out of my way to find a reason not to use them! Continue reading “Decorating With Dinnerware”

I Dream of Palm Springs


While on Koh Samui, we had a beachside suite at The W Retreat. I absolutely fell in love with the design of our little bungalow. Specifically, it was the backyard that stole my heart. I am obsessed with infinity pools and we had one with see-through sides. Continue reading “I Dream of Palm Springs”

Faux Taxidermy


Generally speaking, I find taxidermy is a little creepy…the real ones at least. However, I find the faux version very charming. I can’t help but chuckle when I see some of the options out there. They have a whimsical spirit and cheekiness that will brighten any room. Because they are fake, the color choices and shapes available are plentiful. Continue reading “Faux Taxidermy”

Home Oasis


Like the majority of people, I am worn out by the end of the work week.  By Friday, it is very important to me to have a place of calm and relaxation when I get home.  For this reason, I wanted to ensure that my master bedroom got the proper decorating treatment to help me unwind. Continue reading “Home Oasis”

I Love Lucite


[Ghost Chairs – Adds seating without adding visual weight, lower cost option here]

I love the transparent plastic that is lucite. Also known as acrylic, this material is the best thing since sliced bread. It shows up everywhere, from furniture, home decor, to fashion accessories…it’s even used to make musical instruments! Continue reading “I Love Lucite”