My Obsession With Stripes

At the last count, I think I own about six or seven striped tops and dresses. Stripes have become my go-to pattern and I can always spot enough variation to justify the purchase of a new piece. The newest one is from J. Crew and incredibly soft and warm.  So far, I have worn it with a blazer for work, with jeans on the weekend, and most recently with a skirt for family photos (A approves!). Continue reading “My Obsession With Stripes”

Is This Normcore?

SEE LARK! | Normcore

I learned the term “Normcore” last year when it blew up the fashion world. It describes an “anti-style” style, think bland, non-descript clothing.  Some may argue that it’s not a trend all. Regardless, I have embraced more basics into my wardrobe making it easy to get dressed in the morning. Normcore or not, it’s definitely practical and stylish. Continue reading “Is This Normcore?”

Eat. Shop. Do.

SEE LARK! | Eat. Shop. Do.

I survived my first two weeks back to work.  It’s been tough since I miss A dearly plus hubby’s work requires multiple days away from home at a time.  Therefore, in the evenings I am a “single” mom trying to spend time with A and put him to bed (and getting him to STAY asleep), clean and prep for the next day, and somehow find time for me to eat. At first, I just wanted to feel sorry for myself.  But I realized I needed to look at it as a huge accomplishment and shout from the rooftops “We survived the week without incident!”  Each day, my respect for mothers and parents in general increases exponentially.  Fortunately, the family unit comes back together for the weekend and rumor has it, sunny warmer weather is too. Continue reading “Eat. Shop. Do.”

New Year And New Hair

SEE LARK! | New Year And New Hair

I am ashamed to admit that I hadn’t had a haircut since July! A trim and an update to my everyday hairstyle was much needed. I jumped on the LOB train as it was enough for a noticeable change and still allowed me to wear it up. New hair calls for new clothes and this flouncy top and skinny jeans I scored on major discount fit the bill. Continue reading “New Year And New Hair”

Post Holiday Sequins

SEE LARK! | Post Holiday Sequins

We are all probably experiencing a little bit of the post-holiday blues.  Gifts are all unwrapped, the last champagne has been consumed, and you are packing away your sequins/glitter/feathered garments for next year’s holiday events. Good news folks…you don’t have to pack away your festive wear.  There are great ways to incorporate these pieces in the new year.  Case in point, look at the sequins leggings.  It’s dressy yet practical for more than the occasional cocktail party. This is especially true for the pair I scored from Boutique Chic Auctions.  I am usually wary of sequins since the backside can be scratchy against the skin; however, this pair has a warm and cozy lining and the best part is that it’s super budget-friendly.  I dressed them down for daytime wear with an oversized “boyfriend” shirt which is my go-to top these days. Continue reading “Post Holiday Sequins”

Vested Interest

SEE LARK! | Vested Interest

A puffy vest is one of my favorite outerwear pieces. I had owned and worn the same ol’ black vest for years and finally upgraded to a new version in gorgeous green.  Fortunately, it’s also one of the rare pieces that I can wear right now that is non-maternity! Continue reading “Vested Interest”

Same Denim, Different Day

SEE LARK! | Same Denim, Different Day

As mentioned on Tuesday’s post, I found a pair of jeans to live in for the next few months.  The last look I showcased was dressed down, so now I try to stretch the versatility of my maternity wardrobe by dressing up the same pair of distressed denim. Continue reading “Same Denim, Different Day”

Three Looks To Emulate From J. Crew’s Style Guide

SEE LARK! | Three Looks To Emulate From J. Crew's Style Guide

Fall is the most exciting season for fashion. Magazines are as thick as novels, we see a lot of rich colors and textures layered together, and so many accessories (handbags, gloves, and hats…oh my!).  With so much eye candy, it’s easy to think you have to buy it all.  I had that experience while inhaling the latest J. Crew style guide over lunch a few weeks ago.  The inner voice was saying “We need that” over and over again.  After taking a step back (and breathing into a paper bag), my more practical side came through. With a little inspiration and incorporating only a few new things, old pieces in your wardrobe can become new again.  Here are three J. Crew looks that caught my eye and how to recreate them without breaking the bank. Continue reading “Three Looks To Emulate From J. Crew’s Style Guide”

Oh La La

SEE LARK! | Oh La La

Wearing stripes always makes me feel like a Parisienne. You’d think that horizontal stripes would not be a friend to a growing figure but it can actually be quite flattering if you choose the right shape.  Go for a more form-fitting design and wear it with something that has a defined shape and angles like a blazer or a long sleeve collared shirt. Throw on a red lip and voilà!   Continue reading “Oh La La”

Stars, Stripes and Surprise

SEE LARK! | Stars, Stripes and Surprise

July 4th festivities were last week but I can’t help but carry forward the stars and stripes theme just a wee bit longer. I don’t know if anyone has noticed, but my recent outfit posts have been more on the “blousy” side. That’s because I have an ever-growing mid section.  I am excited to share that hubby and I are expecting our first child in early December! Continue reading “Stars, Stripes and Surprise”