Trench Coat Dress

SEE LARK! | Trench Coat Dress

Lately, the weather in DC has been pretty mild. I decided to take advantage of the good fortune and take my new trench coat dress out for a spin. I love the little details like the flap in the back, front pockets, and rolled up sleeves. It gives a little menswear touch to an otherwise feminine silhouette. Continue reading “Trench Coat Dress”

Yet Another Jumpsuit

SEE LARK! | Yet Another Jumpsuit

It’s official, I am addicted to jumpsuits. After sporting quite a few edgy looks, I thought I would soften things up with this soft pink jumpsuit by D. Ra. What I love about this particular style is its loose and flowy design making it look more like a dress than pants.   Continue reading “Yet Another Jumpsuit”


SEE LARK! | Jenni Kayne Dress

While in Charleston, I discovered a gorgeous midi length dress from Jenni Kayne’s 2014 Resort Collection. On the hanger, it doesn’t look like much, but when you put it on, it’s one of the most well tailored and flattering dresses I have ever worn. Continue reading “Minimalist”

Everything in Blues


In the past, I have been reluctant to buy navy blue pieces.  I am naturally more of a black and gray wearing kind of gal and have wondered whether navy would play nicely with the rest of my wardrobe.  If you find yourself in a similar situation, don’t fret!   Continue reading “Everything in Blues”

Summer Dress


I continue my all-white obsession with a flowy cotton dress. I scored this a few years ago and bring it out every year as a summer staple. I don’t consider myself particularly girly, but this dress is all feminine with its delicate straps, bodice, and A-line skirt. Continue reading “Summer Dress”

Boyfriend Shorts


My shorts wardrobe has been in full swing since Memorial Day weekend. Recently, I found myself in a Goldilocks moment. One pair is too short, the other too long…but these boyfriend shorts were just right. Continue reading “Boyfriend Shorts”

Afternoon Sparkle


I have this beautiful necklace I had made-to-order through Etsy for my wedding last year. Since then, I have been looking for an opportunity to incorporate it into an everday outfit. A knit shirt and jeans is a great backdrop for a sparkly necklace. Since the outfit is simple, the details will matter. Continue reading “Afternoon Sparkle”

Classic With A Twist


When working in a conservative environment, it can be challenging to find something that stands out while keeping in line with the company uniform. I tend to push the boundaries in this area, finding things that can be professional and on-trend for work. Continue reading “Classic With A Twist”



[1. Shape Shifter Dress / 2. Squared Sunnies / 3. Zumreed Airily Headphones / 4. Perfect Day Shirt / 5. Slip Neck Tee / 6. Weekender Bag / 7. High Waisted Shorts / 8. Sexy Back Dress]

I know it’s Monday but what better way to start off Monday then by talking about Saturday? Ever since I heard about the new line Saturday, Kate Spade’s sister brand, I have been on pins and needles waiting for it to launch. Continue reading “Saturday”