SEE LARK! | Peekaboo

Playing peekaboo is a popular past time in my household these days.  As a result, it made sense that my summer wardrobe reflect the same playfulness.  This dress from Madewell is the perfect apparel version of the game.  Its subtle cut-out allows you to bare just a bit of torso, which for one who doesn’t like to show a lot of midriff was just enough to feel fun and sophisticated.  PS…it has pockets!!! Continue reading “Peekaboo”

High Low: Dresses With All The Trimmings


SEE LARK! | Dresses With All The Trimmings

Tibi / Mia ]

I can’t believe the holiday season is upon us again.  This time of year is always full of fashion fun with all the parties, events, and family gatherings planned over the next few months. I am particularly drawn to a basic LBD (or LGD – little gray dress) with festive trimmings.  Here are a few high-low options for your consideration, let cocktail party season begin! Continue reading “High Low: Dresses With All The Trimmings”

My First

SEE LARK! | My First

You’ve waited for the right time and the right occasion.  At some point you are ready for your first investment piece.  After finishing college and starting my first job, the first splurge was a Dolce & Gabanna dress. It was a little LBD with a sexy, yet subtle, lace inset and cost around $350. That is a lot to spend on a dress, especially when you first graduate college.  Continue reading “My First”

Travel LBD


No matter where you travel, one should always pack a little black dress. You never know what occasion you’ll encounter while on the road so an LBD is like a Swiss Army knife, versatile in its functionality. I love the shift shape of this Zara dress, it feels very modern and comfortable all at the same time. Continue reading “Travel LBD”

LBD Upgrade


The holidays are in full swing and you’ve probably been to quite a few shindigs already. Before you know it, New Year’s will be here and you’ll be scouting for an NYE look. If you tend to feel a bit guilty about buying new party dresses knowing that you will only wear it once, here are some practical (and not so practical) ways to upgrade your existing black dresses that are in your closet and calling out to you, “Remember me? Oh please wear me again!”. Continue reading “LBD Upgrade”