Digital Artifacts

SEE LARK! | Digital Artifacts

When my parents visited Taiwan they found some old photographs at my grandmother’s place. During one of our Facetime dates with A, my father showed me a few pictures of when I was little, some of which I don’t remember seeing before.  It got me thinking about today’s technology and how photos can be instantly shared with a click of a button.  While the instant gratification is a benefit, it makes me sad to think about losing that experience of uncovering old photographs in a box years or decades later.  Additionally, given the rapid pace of innovation, we don’t really know what the longevity of digital photos will be given how storage devices and online photo sharing sites can become obsolete or go out of business.

Perhaps it’s a generational thing, but I have a soft spot for physical photographs.  Now that I have a family of my own, I want to leave behind artifacts that can be discovered over and over again by future generations.  If you feel the same way, here are ways to preserve your memories in the digital age. Continue reading “Digital Artifacts”

Post Pregnancy Essentials

SEE LARK! | Post Pregnancy Essentials

I am now seven weeks into motherhood and every week is a new challenge.  Just when I think I have the hang of things and understand my little one, he throws me a curve ball.  All the while, you are still healing, creating a major sleep deficit, and trying to shed that baby weight.  I will admit, there are days where I am completely exhausted and my outlook is not so optimistic.  However, when he coos and smiles at me, all my troubles are forgotten!  To get me through the tough times, I have created my top five must-haves for post-pregnancy.  This list has nothing to do with baby and everything to do with mommy.  These five things help keep me sane, informed, and somewhat stylish while on maternity leave. Continue reading “Post Pregnancy Essentials”

Lessons Learned In The First Two Weeks Of Motherhood

SEE LARK! | The First Two Weeks Of Motherhood

I can’t believe it’s been two weeks since Baby Asher joined (and rocked) our world. So much has changed since his arrival. In fact I write this in bits and pieces via iPhone during late night feedings. Prior to his arrival, we had a lot of information and prep classes available to us. Upon delivery, we received more information on what the first two weeks would look like and tips to cope. I completely appreciated the advice but also found that it created some low grade anxiety. I would succumb to a “the book says” rationale and not rely on my own instincts. As a result, I have developed a list of my learnings from that first two weeks to help manage (and hopefully help other soon-to-be mothers’) expectations. Continue reading “Lessons Learned In The First Two Weeks Of Motherhood”

Star Themed Baby Shower

SEE LARK!| Star Themed Baby Shower

My sweet friend Kylee planned a “twinkle twinkle little star” themed baby shower for an intimate party of six this past weekend.  I loved the little touches of star fruits, confetti and garland.  There was even a star pinata. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to a take picture of it before the smashing commenced, but you can see the aftermath here.  Additionally, the blue hydrangeas, cocktails of Prosecco and Blue Curacao, and navy blue nail polish party favors (Essie’s Style Cartel) were a stylish nod to a baby boy.  I am feeling very thankful for friends and loved ones who took time to pull an event together and time out of their busy day for a little quality time. What a perfect afternoon! Continue reading “Star Themed Baby Shower”

Eat. Shop. Do.

SEE LARK! | Eat. Shop. Do.

Life is all about perspective. Having tunnel vision creates a narrow view and then the little things get you frustrated like hitting every stop light or dealing with a difficult co-worker. By taking a step back to look at life more broadly, you become grateful for what you have – health, loved ones, or a roof over your head. Continue reading “Eat. Shop. Do.”

Top Five


What a difference a year makes!  This was the full first year of SEE LARK! and as I experimented in delivering different content, you guys helped me determine what were hits and what were misses through your views, link backs, and comments.   Continue reading “Top Five”

The Filtered Life


I’ll be the first to admit that all the social media tools out there are a little confusing…what do you use for what and how do you know if you are sharing too much?  In a time where we are online all the time, striking the right balance is a personal choice. Continue reading “The Filtered Life”

An Invitation to Murder


A dinner party is fun, but a murder mystery dinner party is even more fun.  This past weekend, I had an opportunity to get together with some great friends for dinner.  The host and hostess threw a slight twist in our plans with a little murder mystery and role playing. Continue reading “An Invitation to Murder”