What’s The Hurry?

SEE LARK! | What's The Hurry?

The typical beach uniform calls for a maxi dress. To keep it from looking dull, turn to interesting cuts like this beauty I found on Etsy.  With a plunging back and deep v-neck front, it feels less muu muu and more sexy. Okay, it was a little too sexy for me so I doubled up coverage with a soft cotton bralette in a matching color. I would normally advocate against letting your underthings show but when you are on an island, anything goes… and it goes slowly. Continue reading “What’s The Hurry?”


SEE LARK! | Flowy

Summer time means maxi dresses and Tibi makes one of my favorite flowy maxis.  I have been drooling over this open back style ever since I first laid eyes on it a couple of years ago, but given the high price tag and the fact it was sold out, I thought it would only be a figment of my fashion imagination. Continue reading “Flowy”

Pumped Up Kicks


I am delighted to report that great progress is being made in the world of toe healing! My doctor has ordered me off the crutches and one month of athletic shoes to rehab my foot. I’m talking sneakers all day every day. Since I can’t wear workout clothes every hour of the day, I challenged myself to find fun ways to incorporate my kicks into more polished outfits. Continue reading “Pumped Up Kicks”

Backless In Black


After spending most of July in tees and shorts, it was a nice change of pace to put on something fancy. I found this beautiful dress by Twenty with an open back, a feature I adore in dresses and tops. Continue reading “Backless In Black”