Statement Coat

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I confess, Winter isn’t my favorite season but if you have to live through it, you may was well do it with a bold statement.  Each year the first cold front motivates me to find outwear and accessories to weather the weather.  Enter stage right this coat from Club Monaco.   Continue reading “Statement Coat”

Rule of Three: The Patterned Pump (Part 2)


I wrote a post last month about different ways to wear a studded and floral patterned heel. It was a helpful exercise to maximize the return on a substantial shoe investment. In the second installation of the Rule of Three: The Patterned Pump, I explore ways to wear J. Crew’s Everly Pump (sadly now sold out but similar here and here).

Continue reading “Rule of Three: The Patterned Pump (Part 2)”

The Filtered Life


I’ll be the first to admit that all the social media tools out there are a little confusing…what do you use for what and how do you know if you are sharing too much?  In a time where we are online all the time, striking the right balance is a personal choice. Continue reading “The Filtered Life”

Everything in Blues


In the past, I have been reluctant to buy navy blue pieces.  I am naturally more of a black and gray wearing kind of gal and have wondered whether navy would play nicely with the rest of my wardrobe.  If you find yourself in a similar situation, don’t fret!   Continue reading “Everything in Blues”

LOL Catz


Meet DJ Cat.  He loves the smooth sounds of Mark Farina’s Mushroom Jazz and matches beats like Tiger and Woods.  On his nights off, he hangs out with Hipster Dog.  With all his coolness, would you believe he’s from Target?   Continue reading “LOL Catz”

Rule of Three: The Patterned Pump (Part 1)


A few weeks ago, I shared my elation over a new pair of patterned pumps from J. Crew (now on sale!).  I wouldn’t call myself a huge pattern person, but the floral and studs just won me over.  It can be scary to take the plunge into a trend or style that you aren’t normally used to, especially if it requires a moderate investment.  When you find yourself in that situation, remember to apply the Rule of Three. Continue reading “Rule of Three: The Patterned Pump (Part 1)”

Garden Party


A late afternoon wedding in a vineyard calls for garden party attire. This phrase generates thoughts of bright colors, prints, and patterns. I wasn’t planning on going literal but this Ted Baker dress captures the essence of the term. Continue reading “Garden Party”

Catalina Wine Mixer


I love sparkles and I especially love sparkles when they come already affixed to a cocktail dress. With a garb like this, there isn’t need for any other embellishments. Continue reading “Catalina Wine Mixer”

I Want To See Your Pom Poms From the Stand


I have this Frank Ocean song in my head on repeat, especially after making these pom-pom shoes.  I took them out for their inaugural spin in my neighborhood, H Street, for lunch the other day.   Continue reading “I Want To See Your Pom Poms From the Stand”

If The Shoe Fits


I am wearing heels again (shhh…don’t tell my orthopedist), finally I am reunited with my BFF!  For such an occasion, one has to go with something classic like an open toe, minimal shoe. I love the yin yang of feminine pieces balanced with something hard and edgy. Continue reading “If The Shoe Fits”