Solved: Modern Nursery Decor Challenges

SEE LARK! | Solved: Modern Nursery Decor Challenges

I finally finished A’s nursery (albeit several weeks after he was born). We used our back guest room that served as my hubby’s office.  Now he has to learn to share…ha!   I had some anxiety about decorating this space since baby furniture and decor can be a little cheesy.  So what is a modern design loving gal to do?  Here are highlights of the design challenges encountered and the solutions discovered. Continue reading “Solved: Modern Nursery Decor Challenges”

High Low Nursery Art

SEE LARK! | High Low Nursery Art

I have been putting a lot of thought into the future nursery. I have never been an overly cutesy person, so I knew I wanted something sweet but not too “themey”.  I love the animal artwork by Sharon Montrose and have been looking over all adorable options on her Animal Print Shop.   Continue reading “High Low Nursery Art”