#TBT Style: Neon Yellow

SEE LARK! |#TBT Style: Neon Yellow

discovered this in my unpublished archives.  It was taken almost exactly a year ago when I had just changed roles within my company and excited to not travel 90% of the time for work.  It’s nice to see that the outfit – a bolt of neon yellow in a traditional v-neck sweater and leather accents in a wool coat – is still relevant this season.  It goes to show you that modern twists to classic pieces really pay off!
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Business Casual

SEE LARK! | Business Casual

Office wear can get a little boring, so how can you spice it up yet still be work appropriate?  The key is looking for interesting cuts while still keeping the silhouette simple or wearing traditional pieces in an unconventional color.  Since I am a lover of all things gray and black, I chose the former.  Continue reading “Business Casual”

Fit and Flare

SEE LARK! | Fit and Flare | Banana Republic Dress

I think back to my first year out of college, buying items for the office based on price and what I *thought* was expected of my wardrobe and ended up looking like…well, a collage graduate. If I were to give advice to my 22 year-old self and to those now entering the workforce, it would be to focus on fabric and fit. Continue reading “Fit and Flare”


SEE LARK! | Jenni Kayne Dress

While in Charleston, I discovered a gorgeous midi length dress from Jenni Kayne’s 2014 Resort Collection. On the hanger, it doesn’t look like much, but when you put it on, it’s one of the most well tailored and flattering dresses I have ever worn. Continue reading “Minimalist”


SEE LARK! | Thakoon

Can form really meet function? The answer is a definitive YES, and I found it in this dress by Thakoon. Finding a solid investment piece always give me a bit of a shopping high, but when it’s something you discover on sale (when you weren’t even looking), it’s like seeing a double rainbow. Continue reading “Thakoon”

Rule of Three: The Foxy Shirt

fox, fox print, in god we trust

If I had a totem spirit, it would be the fox. What else could explain my obsessions for Shiba Inus and this fox-print shirt I discovered in my recent trip to Brooklyn? Handcrafted in the good ol’ U. S. of A., I loved the playful print and silky smooth feeling of this In God We Trust button-down. To justify the purchase, I took the Rule of Three on an adventure through DC, highlighting both the versatility of the shirt and some of the city’s iconic sites. Continue reading “Rule of Three: The Foxy Shirt”



Did you ever play that “If you had to choose” game when you were little?  As in “if you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?”  I still play this game well into my adulthood but on matters much more important than food and sustenance. When it comes to wardrobe staples (and if I had to choose only one thing), the leather jacket would be the winner, winner, chicken dinner.   Continue reading “InstaCool”

Gray Expectations


Gray is one of my favorite colors to wear.  Some may think it drab but I find it to be a great foundational color, creating a canvas for a bold and bright hue.   Continue reading “Gray Expectations”

Color Outside The Lines


My current fashion obsession consists of a pair of yellow satin heels and a black studded clutch.  I wear the two everywhere and for almost any occasion.   Continue reading “Color Outside The Lines”

Rule of Three: The Patterned Pump (Part 2)


I wrote a post last month about different ways to wear a studded and floral patterned heel. It was a helpful exercise to maximize the return on a substantial shoe investment. In the second installation of the Rule of Three: The Patterned Pump, I explore ways to wear J. Crew’s Everly Pump (sadly now sold out but similar here and here).

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