High Low Tunic

SEE LARK! | High Low Tunic

Summer is just around the corner and that means swimsuit season.  A swimsuit wouldn’t be complete without a cute cover-up.  A tunic is a great option and I have always lusted over the style and color choices that Lemlem has to offer.  However, I don’t love the price, especially something that is going to face water and sand.  That’s why I am all for the Old Navy tunic.  It has the same shape and feel for only $18.  Surf’s up!

Fuel The Fire

SEE LARK! | Fuel The Fire

I have been loving the workout clothing options at Old Navy.  Oh no, it’s not what you think…I like their workout tees to wear casually, not to actually work out (I joke)!  It’s hard to banish these clever tees to only the gym since they work so well under a blazer and jeans.  Throw on a pair of heels and you are ready for happy hour…er once you are done running that is. Continue reading “Fuel The Fire”

Oh La La

SEE LARK! | Oh La La

Wearing stripes always makes me feel like a Parisienne. You’d think that horizontal stripes would not be a friend to a growing figure but it can actually be quite flattering if you choose the right shape.  Go for a more form-fitting design and wear it with something that has a defined shape and angles like a blazer or a long sleeve collared shirt. Throw on a red lip and voilà!   Continue reading “Oh La La”

High Low Summer Shift Dress

SEE LARK! | High Low Summer Shift Dress

We still have a bit of summer left so take advantage of the forgiving silhouettes and soft fabrics this season offers while you still can. I am currently in love with bright bold blues and have my eye on these two summer shift dresses.  The high version is by Otte New York and made of 100% silk with a cap sleeve. However, while browsing Old Navy, I stumbled upon an equally bold blue dress at a tenth of the cost. Granted it is made from rayon, so not as soft, but it has the same v-neck and high low hemline.  Given how hot it can get, I may prefer the sturdier rayon and save the silk for Fall.  Which do you prefer?

From Russia With Love


No, I have never visited Russia.  However, if I did, I imagine there would be a lot of big fur hats worn during the winter.  When the temperature in DC dipped into the low 20s and it started to snow, I grabbed this faux fur version to warm my noggin.  Continue reading “From Russia With Love”

Pop of Color


Winter usually means a lot of black and gray hues and I am no exception to the rule. However, it’s nice to be able to incorporate pops of color every now and then. I love wearing my bright blue sweater with a shorter jacket so that it’s not completely hidden underneath a winter coat. Continue reading “Pop of Color”