Rule of Three: The Foxy Shirt

fox, fox print, in god we trust

If I had a totem spirit, it would be the fox. What else could explain my obsessions for Shiba Inus and this fox-print shirt I discovered in my recent trip to Brooklyn? Handcrafted in the good ol’ U. S. of A., I loved the playful print and silky smooth feeling of this In God We Trust button-down. To justify the purchase, I took the Rule of Three on an adventure through DC, highlighting both the versatility of the shirt and some of the city’s iconic sites. Continue reading “Rule of Three: The Foxy Shirt”

French Navy

french-navy-1, stripes, french, nautical, layers, streetstyle

The combination of a pea coat and stripes is what I imagine Camera Obscura’s Tracyanne Campbell wearing when she sings “French Navy“. On a cold crisp day, layers are essential so on comes the knit shirt, cardigan, and coat.  I just love how a bright orangey red mixes with leather, studs, and black and white stripes.   Continue reading “French Navy”

Rule of Three: The Camo Pant


Camo is on trend right now, but if you ask me, it never went out of style.  Like its friend the leopard print, camo should be considered a neutral that can be worn with almost anything.  If you are feeling timid about wearing this much pattern, try a low cost version first, like this pair I scored from Target (can you believe it?).  Still not convinced?  Apply the rule of three to see how to get mileage out of those $25 pair of pants! Continue reading “Rule of Three: The Camo Pant”

Oxblood Rules


I once had a woman at work stop and take a double-take at what I was wearing. She had never seen me wear pants to the office.  Yes, it’s true…dresses and skirts are my weapon of choice mainly because I have trouble finding pants that fit well (the ‘saggy’ bottom look is unforgivable!).   Continue reading “Oxblood Rules”

Lace and Leather


Zara has a lot of great new pieces for the season and when I saw this top with a shoulder lace detail, I swooned. You see, there was a Club Monaco lace top (not this one, but close!) that slipped through my fingers a year ago

Continue reading “Lace and Leather”

Rule of Three: The Patterned Pump (Part 2)


I wrote a post last month about different ways to wear a studded and floral patterned heel. It was a helpful exercise to maximize the return on a substantial shoe investment. In the second installation of the Rule of Three: The Patterned Pump, I explore ways to wear J. Crew’s Everly Pump (sadly now sold out but similar here and here).

Continue reading “Rule of Three: The Patterned Pump (Part 2)”

Little Red Corvette


My obsession and love for TJ Maxx paid off when I discovered this beautiful pair of Elizabeth and James heels. The red leather and edgy design reminds me of a sleek sports car.

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Gray Matter


Breaking Bad has got to be one of the best, if not the best, television series created (I know, bold statement).  It’s painful to watch at times but the acting and storytelling are brilliant.  Needless to say, I was very sad when it was over.   Continue reading “Gray Matter”

Red and Olive Makes Awesome


Red and olive green are two colors I would have never thought to put together.  But thanks to the wonder that is Pinterest, I get inspired daily.  Case in point, I see the said color combination from Karen Walker’s runway and loved the unusual pairing.   Continue reading “Red and Olive Makes Awesome”

Everything in Blues


In the past, I have been reluctant to buy navy blue pieces.  I am naturally more of a black and gray wearing kind of gal and have wondered whether navy would play nicely with the rest of my wardrobe.  If you find yourself in a similar situation, don’t fret!   Continue reading “Everything in Blues”